Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A "little" bit of good news

Not groundbreaking as it has been talked about since he was released from 'Zona but...

While this is just a rumor at this point, Jeff Whitey, who was released from Arizona recently, is likely to be on the move to join KU for the 2nd semester. That would mean a year to get acclimated and be ready for court time next January. I have a pretty decent source on this, but you never know in this crazy NCAA recruitment world. I needed something to take the Mario Little injury sting out of me. Oh, his high school coach seems to think the same.(at the end of the article)

And Lance Stephenson is down to 2 schools, St. Johns and KU. If we missed out on him, that would make the 4th elite wing we came in 2nd on, come on Lance.


Hiphopopotamus said...

I won't judge a recruit before we get them and I'm confident if Bill sees enough he likes that they're worthy, but I'm a little hesitant on both of these guys.

Withey sounds really soft and perimeter oriented (never actually seen him play though), which wouldn't work all that well in our offense. As for Stephenson, the ability is clearly there from what I've watched, but he does absolutely nothing when the ball isn't in his hands. Obviously Bill would change this, but when you're not used to moving without it, setting screens, etc. it doesn't usually come too easily.

This is exactly why I try not to pay too much attention to recruiting though, so just disregard everything I just said.

Anonymous said...

A class of 1 top 10 (overall) wing, a top 25 PF, a top 25 PG and a top 30 Center would be about as good as a class can get. Especially when the center will be a 20 year old freshman with a year and a half of college strength training before he suits up for his first game.

Hiphopopotamus said...

I agree. I'm just being a jackass trying to pretend I know more than I do. If we get that coupled with what we will return that will be one damn good team.