Thursday, December 4, 2008

The MVP Race

Congrats to Todd for taking home KJ-IBT player of the week honors for his performance against the hated Tigers.  It represents the fourth time this year he has taken home the coveted prize.  For his efforts, he was also crowned this week's Big XII player of the week on offense.  The Big XII player of the week on defense, Darrell Stuckey, finished a very close and deserving second here at KJ-IBT.

In light of all this player of the week discussion, this seems an opportune time to fill everyone in one where we stand heading into the bowl game.  As you know, it’s 5 points for first, 4 for second, and so on…

  1. Todd Reesing – 44 points with the aforementioned 4 first place finishes.
  2. Dezmon Briscoe – 24 points with 3 first places finishes.
  3. Kerry Meier – 19 points without a single week in first place – hard to believe, isn’t it? 
  4. Darrell Stuckey – 17 points with a single week in first place.
  5. Jake Sharp – 15 points all coming from his 3 weeks in first place.
  6. James Holt – 14 points with a week in first place.

As you likely noticed throughout the season and was reflected through the votes here, these six pretty much separated from the rest.  And with the exception of Jake ranking above Holt, I think they’re pretty reflective of the season as a whole.  They’ll likely change slightly in response to the bowl game, though I’d say Hot Toddy has a pretty firm grasp on the top spot.  For those curious, Todd is now 19-6 as a starter with an Orange Bowl win.  It's safe to say I'm looking forward to one more year with the gunslinger at the helm.  To take that a step further, I’m looking forward to another year with everyone on this list with the exception of Jimmy Holt.  Will 2010 be the year we finally represent the north?  As of now, I’d say yes.

Your thoughts?


Raefzilla said...

The offense should be phenomenal. I'm not too worried about replacing the interior O-Line and pretty much everyone else returns.

The only question is whether the defense can improve enough to be adequate. Replacing the linebacking trio doesn't seem as daunting as it did before the season started. Hopefully Wright, Springer and ??? can step in and be OK. We lose some seniors on the D-line, but the best you can say is that they were doing an adequate job. Hopefully someone will develop enough to generate a pass rush. We don't lose anyone in the secondary, so hopefully that will improve as well.

Will we win the north? You can't really say its probable at this point, but if we are ever going to do it, this is the year. Hopefully Mizzou will take a step back losing Daniel, Maclin, Coffman, and Moore, and hopefully it takes Pelini another year to get things really going at Nebraska. The Reesing window will close afterwards. Heck, I convinced myself. Yes, we will win the north in 09.

Hiphopopotamus said...

That's exactly the kind of logic I like to see. I think it almost goes without saying that we'll have the best offense in the division so as long as our D is adequate we should be in good shape. We may need to go 5-0 in the north though with those 3 south games looming. I'll have much more on this in the weeks to come.