Saturday, December 13, 2008

KU Loses to UMass

The loss in itself isn't that big of deal. UMass isn't nearly as bad as their record would indicate and that was plenty on display today. What's disappointing is the utter stupidity that we showed throughout the game. Witness:

Cole Aldrich having a few inches on EVERYONE that was on the court. Not to mention that he was an easy 5-8 for the game. You can point to this as a problem for the entire game, because a guy shooting that percentage with that advantage who only had 1 foul should EASILY get 12-15 shots. But despite that lack of common sense, it seems pretty simple to give him a look from 5 feet with the game on the line. But no...

Sherron Collins has to shoot whenever everything isn't flowing perfectly. As I've stated, and I'm sure you all agree, we're eternally indebted to Sherron for obvious reasons, but he is not a good leader when a team needs to pull together. He was as big a part as anyone in letting us fall behind in the first half by thinking he's the only one capable of scoring and EVERYONE in the Sprint Center knew we were going to try and isolate him on the last play. I'm all for letting your best player make a play - and Sherron is definitely that - but when you have nearly 20 seconds and it's blatantly obvious that's the ONLY thing they're guarding, look fucking elsewhere. I would love to think this crossed Bill's mind, but I know that it didn't.

I won't blame the referees, simply because I never do. I believe that's something you have to play through. But frost-tipped John Higgins sure had a cock on his mind this afternoon. I'd say there were 7 bad calls in the second half (6 on us, 1 on them) and he made all seven. Three of them were beyond awful as my twelve year old sister could have easily attested. This was truly a pathetic display and Welmer really should have stepped in to get control. Instead, he pulled up his pants. I guess we should have seen that coming. Let's just say I'll be bringing this one to the attention of Jim Haney and the NABC. Yeah, it was that bad.

And lastly, we'll have more on this game later, but if there's a worse team in that nation at feeding the post, I want to see them. Tyshawn does a ton of good for us (though not really today), but he looks worse than anyone in this capacity. And frankly, they're all bad. I'll just quit right now, because I'll just come off bad, but there really isn't anything easier to do on pure common sense than feeding the post and we look like a band of retards every time we try to do it. Very frustrating, to say the least. Thank everything for April of 2008 because it really makes these kinds of games easier to swallow. Speaking of swallowing, does it get much hotter than Megan Fox Alright, I feel a little better. Back to bars we go...

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