Friday, December 19, 2008

Gophers Changing Things Up

A while back we briefly discussed how the Gophers were looking to diversify their offense a bit prior to the Insight Bowl, primarily by running the ball more. Well, according to Kent Youngblood's Gopher Blog, that looks to be the case:

"There I was, watching the first half-hour of the Gophers’ first practice, and I’m seeing I-formations. I’m seeing fullbacks. I’m seeing offensive linemen put their hand on the ground... Quarterback Adam Weber opined that the Gophers could line up with two backs and the QB under center as much as 40 percent of the time once everybody has the changes down cold. Now, that might not happen by the time Minnesota plays in the Insight Bowl. But you can bet you’ll see some of it against Kansas."

I'm not saying this will be enough for Minnesota to pull the upset, but it sure as hell helps and it's just one more reason why the ridiculously long hiatus between the season and the Bowls makes no sense whatsoever.

By the way, this link came to us via Gopher Football which has also posted a podcast with our old pal DJ from HawkDigest.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how basically laying down for kU to trample them is going over in Minnesota? Minny hasn't been to a bowl game in awhile if I remember correctly, and getting ready to get steamrolled can't be popular.