Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Ideas

If by chance you haven’t yet sent a Christmas present my way (a category you all fall into), I have some belated ideas for you – sorted categorically. All are plenty attainable and I would prefer them sooner than later, but as long as they arrive we’ll call it good.

First and foremost, we have Kansas football. These need to be delivered promptly.

- 35+ points
- 400+ yards
- 4 sacks of Adam Weber
- 2 Darrell Stuckey interceptions
- 1 Daymond Patterson TD
- 1 Insight Bowl victory
- And as many pass rushing lineman as you can find


- Sat-Go. It may have the worst name in the history of product marketing, but that deters me not.
- A five figure DJIA
- Megan Fox. No explanation necessary.
- A four figure S&P 500
- And another Christopher Nolan Batman

And finally, Kansas basketball. You may need some assistance with a few of these.

- 15 shots a game for Cole.
- 10+ assists per game from Sherron and Tyshawn
- 1 healthy Mario Little
- 2 hustling Morris twins
- 1 offensively competent Travis Releford
- 1 more three point shooter
- 2 less bad shots from Sherron
- < 37% FG percentage defense
- +10 rebounding margin
- 1 entry pass instructional video
- And a 52nd conference championship

That should just about cover me. But that doesn’t preclude anyone from improvising and adding to this perfectly reasonable list. Thanks in advance.


GingerBalls said...

merry christmas

Hiphopopotamus said...

You're a dear, dear, friend.