Sunday, November 18, 2007

Picks Recap

With only one real surprise this week - albeit a large one - there was no disparity here. But with bigger fish to fry, how many people thought the biggest game of the regular season would be played at Arrowhead. For that matter, it is pretty much the only entertainment fans at Arrowhead will see all year. Now that OU has joined Oregon in recusing themselves from the discussion, this one is likely to be #2 v. #3, Reesing v. Booger, Mangino v. Pinkel, Jayhawks v. Bushwhackers...And luckily, I'll take the former in all three.

Week: ATS 3-1, SU 3-1
Season (6 weeks): ATS 25-7-1, SU 26-7

Week: ATS 3-1, SU 3-1
Season (4 weeks): ATS 14-7, SU 17-4

And welcome to the party, RoboBoogie.

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