Monday, November 19, 2007


Nothing like a montage of Booger Picker getting pwned. The music is questionable (Those are some angry Christians!) and may have been done to make methzou fans watch it. You can clearly see all 3 Ints in this game which is 1 less than the Todd has had all season (Ok only 2 of them were booger pickers I will concede that). Save your comments about how good OU is, Texas Tech helped shed a little light on that one this week.  Nice work GingerBalls those two videos are spot on.

Never in my 31 years and having suffered through the Bob Valesente and Terry Allen eras did I ever think I would see this on the ESPN main page:

"LSU still is a solid No. 1 in the BCS standings, and new No. 2 Kansas also is firmly entrenched in its spot. If those two teams win out, they will meet in the BCS National Championship Game. That's about all that's certain right now."

All I can say is hell must be mighty cold today. As the Hiphopopotamus said do everything you can to enjoy this ride as you are witnessing history if you are a KU fan (and hell even an MU fan). Here is to hoping the dream goes on a bit longer and we beat the only team who misspells their own state on their jerseys.

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