Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Times

I like to believe you were already, but if not, start doing everything in your power to enjoy this football season to the fullest extent - because this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I would love to think that Kansas will build on this season and become a regular fixture in the rankings. And I truly believe that this will happen. Hell, it may even happen to Methzouri too. But there is absolutely no reason to assume that the two will ever again be matched up in a de facto quarter-final to the national championship – not to mention that both now look like the favorite in San Antonio.

As for yesterday, I don’t think it could have gone much better. Obviously, no one wanted to see that many penalties, but when the quarterbacks are completing nearly every pass they throw it doesn’t matter much. Hot Toddy started 19/20 (only incompletion was a throw away) and Kerry went 9/9. Said Cyclone Bret Meyer, “Kansas’ offense might be the best we’ve seen. They’re just a really good team.” And that doesn’t even pay heed to the dominating defensive performance that the Jayhawks turned in. In light of the upcoming opponent, let’s first start with the fact that Iowa State outgained the self-proclaimed best offense in the nation that week. Kansas, meanwhile bested the Cyclones by well over 300 yards. And even more staggering, while Kansas held ISU to 52 yards rushing; when in Columbia Alexander Robinson ran for 150 by himself. (More on this later in the week)

But what I really liked about yesterday was the time allotted for some of the ailing Kansas players to rest up. It’s no secret by now that plenty of starters are pretty seriously injured. Given my limited insider knowledge, I don’t know how severe any of them are, but the rest can only help. So not only did Kansas not fall victim to the “trap game,” but they beat Cy so soundly that they didn’t even have to play several of their most valuable players (at all or at least not in entirety).

But back to the specifics, how can one help but not be impressed by the Jayhawks at this point. Whether you truly believe they are the second best team in the nation, there is no logical way to argue that they do not deserve to be ranked as so. Apparently they haven’t played “anyone.” Methzouri (among others) has adopted this rally cry, despite the fact that they have played basically the exact same schedule. The biggest “point” seems to be that Methzou beat Illinois (by 6 on Sept. 1) and lost to OU – so they are inarguably and exponentially better than Kansas. Never mind that you be have to be completely asinine to believe that an 11-0 team could not have at least gone 1-1 v. a good Big 12 team and a slightly above average (at best) Big 10 team. And to take it a step further, let’s look at the tale of the tape. What I’ll do is go along Kansas’ schedule and match it up with Methzou’s (altered for similar opponents)

1. KU v. CMU --- MU v. W. Michigan
Edge: Kansas – Central Michigan won at W. Michigan a while back

2. KU v. SE La. --- MU v. Illinois St.
Push – Honestly, both should be embarrassed to have scheduled these teams

3. KU v. Toledo --- MU @ Ole Miss
Edge: Methzou, I guess. But just know that the only team to allow more points to Ole Miss was Northwestern St. – and Louisiana Tech gave up less.

4. KU v. FIU --- MU v. Illinois
Edge: Methzou, but don’t take this Illinois win for more than it was: pedestrian. Illinois then is not Illinois now (which isn’t to say they are great but they run a spread and have athletes - which might as well be kryptonite to Big 10 defenses)

5. KU @ KSU --- MU @ KSU
Push - I don’t think enough Methzou fans read this for an explanation to be necessary. But if you want to know which game the Purple wanted more, from the AP, "Trotting off the field...Missouri players were serenaded by a group of shirtless, chest-painted Kansas State fans: "Beat KU! Beat KU! Beat KU!"

6. KU v. Baylor --- MU @ OU
Edge: Methzou. No arguing that they played the tougher opponent here. Of course, they lost their game.

7. KU @ CU --- MU @ CU
Push – See # 5

8. KU @ A&M --- MU v. A&M
Edge: Kansas – where do you think it would be tougher to play?

9. KU v. NU --- MU v. NU
Push – Should be clear to everyone by now

10. KU @ OSU --- MU v. Tech
Edge: Kansas – again, played on the road as opposed to at home. And oh yeah, Oklahoma State beat Texas Tech

11. KU v. ISU --- MU v. ISU

So there you go, that’s the humbling reality for us Kansas fans. Methzou has played a far superior schedule and thus doesn’t even need to bother showing up Saturday to be able to beat this lowly Jayhawk team that hasn’t played “anyone.” I mean, shit, they beat the Fighting Illini and lost to Oklahoma - Why even bother fighting it?! Besides, if we start making valid points, they may kill hundreds of innocent people. Lest we forget, “[their] cause is just.”


GingerBalls said...

Well played sir...I am as giddy as a little girl!

Robo Boogie said...

Man you give great ammo to all those hawk fans out there.