Tuesday, November 20, 2007


For obvious reasons, the Kansas/Northern Arizona basketball game tomorrow night will not get a lot of attention on this blog - or anywhere outside of Allen Fieldhouse - but I just love this picture and thought any loyal reader should be able to have a look at it here.

"Louie the Lumberjack"

And for those of you that don't know, NAU is a formidable opponent. That's not to say Kansas will or should have trouble with them but they should be a tourney team this year and played Arizona to within 7 in Tucson last week.


Robo Boogie said...

And then Arizona on Sunday! What a f*cking weekend to be a hawk!

Anonymous said...

I think NAU would be your toughest football opponent so far this season. Well, right around Idle University.

Hiphopopotamus said...

I love how Missouri is so proud of the fact that they beat a mediocre team that happened to upset Ohio State (and also couldn't beat Iowa) and that they lost to an OU team that couldn't even beat Colorado. MUCH tougher schedule

Anonymous said...

Toughest opponent for KU? K-Sucks? Nebraska? NW State? Keeping Mangino's weight under 500lbs?

We destroyed Colorado in Boulder, so there goes your OU argument.

Illinois- BCS (not even the signature win)

Oklahoma- BCS (leading into the 4th in Norman. Pissed it away on a shitty trick play)

Texas Tech was ranked coming into our game as well.

And even though there were a couple of cracks, keep in mind we were the ones that started the Nebraska demolishion. They were ranked fairly decent at the time.

Maybe schedule Olathe School of the Blind or St. Mary's Catholic Women's High School next year?

Or at least someone in the Top 25 before you puff your chest out like Mangino after a trip to Golden Corral.

Hiphopopotamus said...

Damn man, how much time do you spend on Kansas blogs?

If Illinois isn't the signature win, who is? I know it's not the same Tech team that couldn't beat OSU - you know the team Kansas beat by 15 points in Stillwater. Because Kansas hasn't played anyone.

What OU argument was I making? I could care less about your transitive win by beating Colorado - you still got housed by OU. I wouldn't say scoring with 12 seconds left to make it a 10 point loss instead of 17 means a whole lot.

And maybe you forgot the beatdown USC gave to Nebraska - not too mention what Ball State did to them. Good thing you ran that fake field goal for a TD or Ball State would have scored more on them than Chase Heisman could muster.

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments too much? Might think of making it a 'private' blog. It's only Tuesday. I'd expect more Tiger fans to discover your blog in the next couple of days.

Scrolling the internet is a great time killer at work.

Robo Boogie said...

When did Missouri get the Internet? Shit I might have to go back to AOL if all the tigers are off it...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Robo, you can keep your rusted out '87 Trans Am on your side.

To kill time at work, it means you actually have to have a job. I'm sure they don't allow internet access to the fry line at McDonalds. Say hi to Mangino the next time he supersizes at the drive-thru.

By the way, I actually do like this blog. It's hard to find a Beaker blog that can put letters together to make coherent sentences, plus you can actually read. You must be some super-species in Kansas that somehow got past 3rd grade. Very rare over there.

Robo Boogie said...

Sold the trans-am awhile back about the time knight rider went off the air to someone in sedalia. I am sure it will be at camereohead with some rusted out black and gold "air-brushing" on it most likely playing some nickelback (did it make you cry when they broke up?) or possibly some daughtry. I also put about a 50/50 chance it will have a rebel flag on it, cause ya never really know when “the south might rise again (check your tattoo for the exact phrase).” At least people in Kansas can spell their damn state on their jerseys. Or did I just shock you that your state is not really spelled Mizzou? Wrong crooked letter...

Anonymous said...

A Kansas fan making a poke at Nickleback being gay? HAHAHA


KU fans really are dumbasses. When I want to know the durability of an aluminum doublewide or a question about the Fujita scale of when tornados tear through a state that nobody cares about other than when they watch Wizard of Oz, I'll ask someone from Kansas.

When we beat your asses on Saturday, you'll turn your rosacea cheeks and toothless grins towards basketball season. That is, until Arizona beats you on Sunday too. Man, tough weekend. Hopefully you saved that last Natty Light and some meth. Whatever gets you through the night until you have to wake up and go to work for a Mizzou grad. But I'm going off the premise that you have a job, so I may be wrong on that.

Robo Boogie said...

Not sure why I took the time to do this other than to figure out which other things other than football and basketball kansas ranks higher in on your list than missouri... In no particular order.

This is the rank of people living below the poverty line. Missouri does rank higher than kansas on this on (23 vs 33) too bad higher is worse.


Lets look at the schools. And to be fair I will use the feds no child left behind rankings. each kid in every state at 3rd and 8th grade gets the same test. We can look at math (KS 290 MO 281) or reading (KS 267 MO 263)


Or maybe high school grad rates will finally give Missouri a lead in something. KS 14th and MO 18th lower is better in this one.


Maybe I am just looking at the wrong place. Surely MU must be a better college with those smart in-state kids going there. Whoops I guess not, close but KU 85th MU 91th.


And this stat should comes as a surprise to no one that has driven the length of I-70 but mobile homes make up 8.2 percent of homes in MO and 6.4 in KS.


Humm I am sure MU leads in something...

At last something Missouri leads the nation in. Meth lab seizures. I must say the work MO is doing here is stellar. In 2006 1288 seizures compared to the next runner up with 778 (KS had 168). MO has been a leader in this stat since 2001. Finally something that can put MO on the map and beat the pants off those jayhawkers.


Of course this will be way to much logic and I am sure will get a camero comment back or perhaps your computer was blown up in the lab explosion next door and I won't hear anything...