Sunday, November 11, 2007

Picks Recap

Since GingerBalls has been too busy to make his picks the last two weeks, I'll just be reporting on mine. Maybe next week we can talk HusHawk into doing some of his own. Well, if you took my advice the other day and put some scrill down tracking my picks, then you are a bit better off today. I was 6-0 straight up and 5-1 against the spread, with only OU and their allowing 21 points to Baylor being the one that tripped me up. But no one is ever dumb enough to lay money on a 38 point line anyway.

This week: ATS 5-1, SU 6-0
Season (5 weeks) ATS 22-6-1, SU 23-6

Keep your eye on the rankings today. It's very possible that Kansas football could be ranked higher than Kansas basketball. All the while with both happily in the top 4 in the country. Also, I should be able to get the post-mortem up sometime today.

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Eric said...

Hey, this is Eric from Saturday Sound Offs.

I've only read the blog for about 5 minutes and it's a pretty funny one. I'll add you on my links!