Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hiphopopotamus' Hypothesis

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Alliteration at it's best. As I mentioned in the recap, we're going to see if we can't get some other picks posted as well. Missouri's classy antics have gotten GingerBalls a bit riled up so we may even be blessed with his picks this week. And don't hold your breath, but we'll try and coax Hus Hawk into an inaugural post with his as well. "Our cause is just…" (Jackasses) As if everything else weren't bad enough, try explaining that one.

On the season (5 weeks) ATS 22-6-1, SU 23-6

Oklahoma (-8) @ Texas Tech

With only four games on the Big 12 slate this week, it's pretty slim pickins as far as a game of the week. For some reason, I heard on the radio that this was the GameDay destination as well. After looking into it, I have since found out that it is not and shockingly, they will instead go to Ann Arbor for the Ohio State/Michigan game. Though I hate them, I will root for OSU because it weakens Oregon's schedule and ensures that the Big 10 will only get 1 BCS team. But here is a good and hilarious argument for Michigan - and a template for future use in rivalry games. But I digress.

How Tech wins: 1) Sooner Secondary. Well everyone else has exploited OU's secondary, so there is really no reason to think Tech should not do the same. Then again, Missouri completely humiliated Tech by getting pressure on Harrell and they don't have anyone like Auston English on their team. However, Baylor didn't have much of an issue blocking well enough to spring receivers deep, so logically Tech should not either. We'll see. 2) Defense. Oklahoma may not have bothered to game plan on offense, instead relying on the ineptitude of the Tech defense. If Tech could ever play defense as well as her, they could be formidable.

How OU wins: 1) Smear the Queer. As Missouri and Colorado proved, even the Tech offense isn't spectacular if timing is disrupted. As mentioned, OU has a very suspect secondary and in order to help them out, they need a gallant effort from its pass rush. 2) Come to play. With Bedlam and the Big 12 Championship game looming, OU can ill-afford to overlook this game, especially if they have hopes beyond the Big 12.

There is no reason OU should not win this game. As is the case nearly every season, Tech came in hyped to contend and instead has shown that they have a very potent offense (when clicking) and a high school defense. If OU is truly a national title contender, they win this game easily. Oklahoma 52 Tech 38

Methzouri (-7) @ Kansas State

So Kansas State just gave up over 700 yards and 73 points to Nebraska and they are only a touchdown dog to the #5 team in the nation. Oh, by the way, that team is #4 in total offense and #7 in scoring offense. A rule that typically applies in the NFL, may apply here. If it's too good to be true, stay away. Buy maybe not?

How KSU wins. Wow, I really don't know. 1) Play Defense? Since their upset of Texas, KSU resumed the self-proclaimed Lynch Mob alias for their defense. From that point, they have allowed 35 points a game, culminating in being torched by the hapless Huskers for 73. Since they are celebrating their pro-slavery attitude anyway, maybe Methzouri should assume the pseudonym instead. 2) Balanced offense. It seems like I say this every week, so one would think Ron Prince would have caught on by now. I'm sure he checks this daily. But for some reason, he continues to pass, pass and pass some more, despite the fact that Freeman averages 6.8 yards per attempts while James Johnson averages 6 yards per carry. Factor in the difference in risk and sacks (12) and they are gaining nothing by passing this much. That flaw is even more emphasized when you consider how easy a one dimensional team is to defend and that Freeman has only thrown for 14 touchdowns while mixing in 10 picks.

How MU wins. 1) Eyes on the prize? One would think that Methzouri would not look past this game to the Border War, but with Gary Pinkel, you never can be sure. But in all reality if they lose and KU takes care of business, next week's game is for nothing but bowl position as KU will have clinched the North. 2) Pass coverage. When Pig Brown went down, I thought Methzouri's run defense would suffer. And while I'm sure it has slightly, it has been their pass defense has regressed more so. As you may have gathered, I think the Purple throw too much, but I don't see that changing this week, especially if the confederates can't stop them.

Candidly, there is only one way Kansas State wins this game and that's on emotion. Methzouri will have to lack it because they are looking past the Purple and the Power Towels will have to be chocked full of it trying to redeem themselves for the last 2 weeks and gain bowl eligibility. Part of me wants to believe this will happen; if for no other reason than the coaches. Pinkel is obviously notorious for a collapse and while Prince seems horrible some weeks, he has been able to expose some poorly coached teams in big games (see: Texas). Then again, they got 73 hung on them by a team coming off 5 straight losses with a lame duck head coach. Can Genie pull it off? Methzouri 45 KSU 37

Oklahoma St.(-14) @ Baylor

Let's be honest. This one isn't going to carry much clout outside of Waco and Stillwater. And I'm not sure it's going to carry much there either. As Kramer says to Sally, "Why don't you just give up?" Amazingly, if Tech upsets OU and OSU wins out, they will win the South so they definitely still have something to play for. Contrarily, if OSU loses, they probably will not be bowl eligible and Baylor will avoid going defeated through conference play. So that's what on the line here. OSU 42 Baylor 24

Brasky fans v. Kevin Cosgrove

They don't call 'em the classiest fans in the nation for nothin' folks.

I wonder where this behavior comes from? Here possibly?
Kansas/Iowa State Pregame should be up later today or tomorrow so check back.

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