Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Year of Firsts... AKA Booger Eaters of the World Unite!

Ok so I am going to pop my posting cherry with the subject of all the firsts this season. I have complete faith it will be a better post than GingerBalls last post as the formatting will be consistent for the entire post making it actually readable. 'Tis what happens when you drink and blog.


We have our first 11 win season at KU, the first time an MU vs KU game will decide the big 12 north, the first time a KU QB is in the heisman discussion since David Jaynes in 1973 (sidenote only the 4th time ever, Douglas in 68, Hadl in 61 were the other two before Jaynes), the first time a KU team is 7-0 in league, the first KU QB to throw 30 TDs in a season, etc I could go on and on. However I think one thing is being over looked this year and I want to bring it to the forefront in my initial post. This could be the first year we have an acknowledged booger eater as a heisman finalist (or even winner). Chase Daniel has combined the rare talents of pass accuracy and booger gastronome to heights never before seen.

In celebration of this rare accomplishment I would like to present to you the chase daniel likes boogers commemorative t-shirt.

We've Got Bush! I don't know what will be on the front yet but suggestions welcome. If I get any actual request for this I will run it off on the best cotton 2 cent per hour small chinese fist of fury can make. This might be a route not to go back 150 years for t-shirt ideas. Because after all we are in the distant future... The year 2000.

Just to get it out there, this high profile distinction will not change the fact that MU is going to get rolled in Camerohead. If we are lucky we might even get to see an old fashion booger rolling and eating at an NFL venue. Understood? Affirmative...


GingerBalls said...

Glad you could pop your cherry so quickly. Rock Chalk

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