Friday, February 22, 2008

Robert the Bruce- First KJ-IBT Caption Contest

Since ginger mentioned how he harbors fantasies about bagpipin' bruce pearl or something like that (he lost me in irrelevance quickly) it made me think of this photo I saw of him the other day (bruce not ginger, kids might see this blog and I don't want them to have nightmares). I really am at a loss for the perfect caption for this since I have so many ideas. So I decided to have the First Ever KJ-IBT caption contest. In the comments put your best caption and who ever I judge to be the best, if in lawrence, will get a six pack of their favorite beer as a reward, or if they will be in lawrence soon will collect then, and if they are not in the greater KC area then how the hell did you end up here anyway? Also you of course will also receive my undying admiration... (Please someone post so I know someone reads my drivel)


Robo Boogie said...

you guys are f*ckin' killing me here... No one really?

GingerBalls said...

Bruce Pearl: Less Gay Than Robo Boogie