Friday, February 22, 2008

A Favor House Atlantic

I don 't know if any of you have heard about this Obama guy, but he seems pretty cool I guess...and just in case you wanted to sport some of the probable Democratic Representative's threads to a baseball game, look no further

And now for something completely different....

Pretty nice basketball prospectus article on our "underrated" Jayhawks.

I love how some other Big 12 schools try to refute the idea that KU gets everyones best shot. Kinda like arguing that Jim Belushi is funnier than John Belushi; you know it's just not true.
*sidenote*-really, how is According to Jim still on the air? If you watch it, you should be forced to bagpipe a chest-painted Bruce Pearl while Little Richard gives a play by play using Dick Vitale's voice...all while Gus Johnson is double fish-hooking Steven A. Smith in the corner .*

So, I hate that fucking show. Another example of how true this truism of truth is comes from Okie Light's Ibrahima Thomas, who apparently has been thinking about this game for quite some time.

Not that anyone is still reading after my sex-term laden orgy described above, but any real KU fan would be remiss if they did not check out this brilliant video of highlights from this year.

Insider info, a.k.a., tells me that due to weather issues, KU grad Kevin Harlan will be stepping in for Gus Johnson to do the KU-OSU game tomorrow with "Special K" Clark Kellogg...of course in spectacular CBS 1080 HD.

My prediction is that Byron Eaton will revert to his ways of being a connoisseur of McDonalds rather than playing like a former McDonalds All-American. Anderson is bound to shoot better than he has been one of these days, just don't see it coming tomorrow.
KU 79- OSU 60...just feel a blowout coming, with Mario leading all scorers at 18.

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Hiphopopotamus said...

Good find on that video. And of course, you have to love the guys at Basketball Prospectus