Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love These Uniforms

I was perusing Basketball Prospectus today and found a couple things I thought were worth passing along. First, here is a breakdown of the 6 BCS conferences and the efficiency margin for each team. As you'll see, Kansas is far ahead of the pack. Secondly, they have a nice rundown of their rankings, and though it differs some from my own, I think it's pretty accurate and defensible.

The Big Lead was a little late with this story (see below), but they completely redeemed themselves with their chosen headline.

Another great headline…weird story though.

As you're all aware, the conference race is down to three teams. Which happens to be two more than I expected at this point. Barking Carnival has a pretty good run down/prognosis if you're interested.

Kansas State will be losing this Saturday. Because if they don't, Baylor can forget about playing in the real tournament. So Scott Drew, if you're in any more close games, get Aaron Bruce off the court. If you didn't see the games, three days after pulling his best C-Webb impression and costing the Bears their first win over Texas in 20+ tries, Bruce decided to foul Tony Crocker as he was shooting a three with 7 seconds left. Low and behold, the three goes in, Crocker nails the free throw and now the only thing Baylor couldn't let happen; did. So Curtis Jerrels decided to save the Bears (again!) and he got to the line with one second left and a chance to win the game – except he missed both free throws. How Baylor won at A&M really is a testament to whatever is wrong with the Aggies, because Baylor does not know how to win.

Sticking with the purples pooosies, a KSU blogger settles the Beasley v Hansbrough debate once and for all! Personally, I agree and don't think it should even be close. Not only does Hansbrough get half his points from the line (from contact he initiates), but more importantly, he has well over twice the supporting cast of Beasley, yet UNC hasn't done a whole lot more than those from the Rotten Apple. (Note: If you choose not to bother with this link, and I can't blame you, at least take the time to read this excerpt, (in response to one of Coach K's stated reasons for Psycho T being the front runner) " First, toughness. Beasley has been playing with a badly jammed toe all season, but hasn't complained about it and hasn't let it affect the quality of his play." I had no idea. What a warrior!

I'm a little late on this article as it was written Saturday, but if you find me someone that can actually get through this drivel in its entirety, I'll be damned impressed. Though I was relieved to know that Coach Self doesn't necessarily impose a curfew if there isn't a game pending. College is supposed to be fun and as long as they can be smart when they're out, let them have at it.

Memphis, on the other hand, may want to try toning it down a notch. As Jeff Goodman points out, 6 of the current 12 on their roster have been in legal trouble within the last year. I, for one, am shocked that Cal would let this go on. (Note: Do you think it’s a coincidence that Forde and Goodman wrote virtually the exact same Memphis columns the week of the "biggest game of the year?")

I am not a big fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. And I have never been happier about that.

FNL's own Tim Riggins has now been cast as Gambit in upcoming X-Men films. Can someone please explain to me how "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad," "Dancing with the Stars," and "American Gladiators" can continue to air, while FNL fades into oblivion?

As you may have noticed, there's not a whole lot going on in the wide world of sports. However, 7 ranked teams play on the road tonight and even though they're all at unranked opponents, I'd say 2-3 are going down. It's about that time of year, so I don't need to justify it with actual picks or logic.


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