Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Round Up

I don't have a whole lot to say today, but I'd still rather spend time on this than actual work so here it goes. Well it pains me to say it as I've been dancing around it for a while but if I had to rank the top 5 right now, UCLA has moved ahead of the beloved Jayhawks. But Kansas has two opportunities to take the spot back between now and late Monday evening. If they can return to form against the guards of Baylor and Texas, my faith will be renewed. But as of now, I'm just too conscious of what Darren Collison would do to my man Russell. And no, this has nothing to do with Mayer's column this morning (or the Wichita Eagle's), but instead from watching him weave through the Wazzu defense last night.

From the Big 12…

Kansas (22-1, 7-1) They haven't played well since the Nebraska game, but they've still gone 2-1 in that time, most recently blowing out Methzou. As mentioned above, they'll need to return to form on the defensive end to win the next two. From the KC Star, I'll be diplomatic and say this article on Russell was interesting.
Sat: Vs. Baylor
Mon: @ Texas

Kansas State (16-5, 6-1) Following their unprecedented win over Kansas, Dalonte 300K has been charged with DUI, they shit the bed against Methzou, Clent Stewart's mother sadly passed away and they staved off a near collapse against Nebraska. If they play anywhere near their capability there's no excuse to stuggle until late February.
Sat: OK. State
Wed: @ Texas Tech

Texas A&M (19-4, 5-3) Looking much better of late with 4 straight wins (2 on road) and with the next three looking pretty simplistic.
Sat: @ Methzou
Sat (2/16): Vs. Ok. State

Texas (18-4, 5-2) Oklahoma isn't nearly the same team without Longar^2, but that's still a good win in Norman. And though they couldn't afford to lose to Baylor at home, it too was impressive after they fell behind by 17 early on.
Sat: @ ISU
Mon: Vs. Kansas

Baylor (17-4, 5-2) Had to grind out a must-win against Tech the other night after 2 straight losses. They've shown how improved they are, but their legitimacy will be decided over the next few weeks.
Sat: @ Kansas
Wed: @ Ok. State

Oklahoma (15-7, 3-4) Their tournament hopes took a bit of a hit this week in losing Longar as he was second in scoring and rebounding on the team. Now they're coming off two straight losses and heading to Boulder looking to steal a road W.
Sat: @ Colorado
Wed: @ ISU

Methzou (13-10, 3-5) This team is hard to figure, but in looking at their schedule this looks about right. Either they or the purple pusses have the best two win combo in the league and they've still got CU, ISU and OSU at home.
Sat: Vs. A&M
Wed: @ Nebraska

Texas Tech (12-9, 3-4) Another team that's hard to figure, considering they randomly lost the all time winningest coach in the game. Played well against Baylor, but I'm not seeing too many more wins on their schedule.
Sat: @ Nebraska
Wed: Vs. KSU

Iowa State (13-10, 3-5) Can't see them being favored in more than one game (v. NU), but you never know with Hilton Magic.
Sat: Vs. Texas
Wed: @ Oklahoma

Nebraska (13-10, 2-5) Biggest disappointment in the league, but they've still got some wins left in the tank and could easily finish over ISU and possibly Tech if they take care of their home court.
Sat: Vs. Tech
Wed: Vs. Methzou

Oklahoma State (11-11, 2-6) Notched a gripping one point home victory on Wednesday over Colorado. Sad, but true.
Sat: @ KSU
Wed: Vs. Baylor

Colorado (9-13, 1-7) Seem to be improving quite a bit and gave a valiant effort against KU and then down in Stillwater. But with it going all for naught, will it continue?
Sat: Vs. Oklahoma
Sat (2/16): @ Kansas

As for the wide world of sports outside the Big 12 conference…

Apparently, Roy is getting killed inside Tarheel Nation and in public forums as well. I still think he's a damn good coach, but I can't say that I haven't uttered these same things about him countless times before. And though I think it's a bit of an overreaction, I too felt like he got pantsed the other night.

Illini fans, classy as always. Hard to blame them for being pissed off though as Liberace continues to destroy what Self had going there.

Can't say I disagree with this firing. I'm not overly familiar with LSU, but in watching their run to the Final Four he seemed to be wildly outmatched in every game and the team played best the more out of the way he was.

The Giants cheated! The Patriots are so noble for not acknowledging this.

Swedish teachers are awesome. Thanks Deadspin.

I really hope there are more of these Berman videos. But maybe I'm getting too greedy.

Back to Kansas, but this time football. Here is a piece on defensive tackle signee Darius Parish. If he's half the guy they portray then this was a good pick up.

I didn't put the pieces together earlier, but this seems highly likely and could be quite a match-up in Auburn Hills. Be sure to also check out the 5/12 game in the East.

Anybody still reading will appreciate this as well...

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