Monday, February 11, 2008

BIG F*cking Monday

A lot is on the line tonight Hawks and Hawkettes: A possible road win over a top 15 team, driver's seat in the Big 12 race, #1 seed resume building material. Thought I would throw up a video to commemorate that amazing game from last years Big 12 Tournament and a good luck jpeg...

Fun little blog article on what Bruce "Liberace" Weber has missed out on in his short time in Champaign

For those of you who like numbers, a breakdown of the KU/Baylor game

UT fans don't seem very confident in their team

For a real breakdown by the poor man's Jay Bilas, see hiphopotamus's post below...What's that? Robo Boogie feels left out? here's your chance....
: [before the UT game] Robo, anything to add?
Robo Boogie: Ummm... no.
Gingerballs: He's not the best colorman in the league for nothing, folks!

Rock Chalk, need this one tonight, need it bad

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Hiphopopotamus said...

-Good video choice
- Illinois recruit list is damned impressive
- I don't think I've ever witnessed such a lack of confidence (read: arrogance) from a group of Texans
- Nice photoshop