Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What we lack in substance, we make up for in mullets

First off, thanks to The Big Lead for linking to our basketball preview in their Morning Roundup. Always appreciated.

One of our other links, Tim Griffin, says that the 2004 loss to Texas helped transfor the Kansas program. I wouldn't say he's wrong.

**UPDATE** It seems starting center Chris hall will miss the game this week. True freshman David Snow will start in his place. That's a start, at least. Guess that Buck Burnette Facebook fiasco came back to bite them pretty quickly. Any chance we could get RJJ back to welcome him?

A quick spin on the rumor mill has Clemson in talks with Brent Venables. Really? This would probably be the best thing that could ever happen to OU though as Bobby would be able to bring back brother Mike once he's escorted out of the desert.

Speaking of OU. The sex on this week's regional cover of SI will melt your face.

Great news out of Lincoln. The blackshirts were handed out. Taking nothing away from their performance this weekend, if this isn't a microcosm of how far that program has fallen, I don't know what is. Finally, in week 10, Nebraska is able to hold off the mighty Kansas Jayhawks while limiting them to a paltry 35 points (in their defense, it is less than half of the 76 they gave up in basically 3 quarters last year). The blackshirts are back! Watch out world.

Here we have Todd McShay's Draft Buzz. If you want to take this link, please be my guest. But the only reason I'm bringing it to your attention is on account of the #10 rated quarterback. Stephen Fucking McGee. Are you shitting me? The same SFM that couldn't lead his team to victory over Arkansas State? The same SFM that lost his job to semi-talented Jerrod Johnson? The same SFM that would almost assuredly not even be rated the 10th best QB in his own league? As unwarranted as all the Josh Freeman talk obviously is, I get that. He's tall and has a good arm. SFM has neither. And really, shouldn't this be the tipping point on Todd McShay's employment? I think so.

And finally, we have the best news of all. It's MULLET WEDNESDAY! Have a happy and a healthy. ****edit...just for fun


Hiphopopotamus said...

Which one of you do I have to thank for the edit? And how you gonna leave Todd hangin like that?

Robo Boogie said...

that was all ginger. BTW that is the gayest SI cover I have ever seen. Griffin looks quite excited (and cross eyed)

Anonymous said...

Why did you have to put Kerry Meier in a tux?