Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nada Mucho

Don't have much for you this evening - just a few quick links.
First, and it's a bit old now, but Scipio Tex over at Barking Carnival has his Scouting Kansas post up. It's entirely too accurate for someone that doesn't follow Kansas football with any sense of obsession.

Secondly, Burnt Orange Nation hasn't done a ton of scouting, though some does exist in this post. It also includes a rough list of the many key injuries hampering the Horns lately. The Dude abides.

Also, for those interested, Tim Griffin has a few Kansas posts up lately - one on the difference we've experienced by playing better South opponents (it obviously has nothing to do with all three of those teams being increasingly better this year), one on Todd and how he grew up rooting for Texas, and another with his predictions; suffice it to say he's not too confident in the slumping Jayhawks this weekend.

And lastly, it was kind of buried in the LJW feature article today, so if you missed it you'll be happy to hear that both Daymond Patterson and Richard Johnson, Jr. are expected back Saturday. I'm not going to say they were the difference between winning and losing, but let's just say it was pretty noticeable that they were missing. Both are welcomed back with open arms (more of this please).

Rock Chalk!
(p.s. I kind of saw it coming, but this still breaks my heart a little bit.)

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