Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big XII Picks: Week 8

With only two games on the docket this week, my stray from the mean will have to live on for at least another week. For those keeping track, we're 32-9 TGS and 21-20 ATS. Two big ones would go a long way towards finishing the year above .500. But with arguably the best two teams playing in one game and arguably the worst two in the other, it won't be easy.

Iowa State @ KSU (-10)
In a nice twist of fate, both of these teams get to end their seasons long before anyone else. And really, this should probably become an annual thing. Neither the teams nor the fans really want to endure much more, so it's probably best to just end things as soon as possible. As for the game, both teams seem to have completely thrown in the proverbial towel so it's hard to know how they'll come out. On the one hand, you'd like to think some KSU seniors will come out fired up for their last game at (channeling my inner Chris Berman) Bill Snyder "I didn't know I had a" Family Stadium. And J-Free might be looking for one last signature performance against a nothing opponent for which to aid his draft stock. On the other, ISU may just come out and lay it all out on the line trying to build on something for next year. Though I wouldn't bet on it. And by it, I mean everything I just said. KSU 42 ISU 30

Texas Tech (+7) @ Oklahoma
For some reason, everyone seems to have conceded this game to the Sooners. And honestly, I feel like I should be doing the same. But why? I've been racking my brain for a good twenty to thirty seconds and I can't think of one thing Oklahoma does better than Tech (or Texas, for that matter). And lest we forget, this is the same Oklahoma team that let J-Free throw for nearly 500 yards on them. Can you even imagine Graham Harrell's schoolgirl excitement when he watched that film? With all of that said, I am in no way expecting Tech to destroy the Sooners as they did the Pokes. But I certainly won't blink if they beat them and I'll be especially surprised if they aren't enough in the game to keep it within a touchdown. Like I said, they do absolutely everything better than Oklahoma - though I'm sure most Raider fans are hoping this doesn't come down to a kick - and I think they're on enough of a roll to get the win. Tech 49 OU 45


GingerBalls said...

This TTech-OU game has a chance to be one of the best regular season match-ups in quite awhile. Should be quite interesting with so much on the line. I really don't care who wins, as long as it is close. The story line is just so great though...

GingerBalls said...

oh also...will be interesting to see how close the officials call the holding penalty in Norman on TTU. Could be the game breaker

Hiphopopotamus said...

Completely agree, since both of these teams get away with it more than anyone else in the league ( maybe country).

Anonymous said...

I agree. OU's defense is beat up, but their offense might be the best in the nation.

Weird things happen in Norman.