Friday, November 7, 2008

Big XII Picks: Week Six

If you want any evidence as to the drastic tiering this year in the Big XII, take a look at this week's lines. Three are above 27. Two are below 4. And the toughest line of them all comes from the bottom of the barrel as Colorado is getting 10 against the Cyclones. Weird league. Anyway, I had another sub-par performance last week going 5-1 TGS and 3-3 ATS. For the season that dropped me to 23-7 TGS and 15-15 ATS. I've got precious little time to get back into the block, so I need to get things going this week.

Game of the week – Oklahoma State (+3.5) @ Texas Tech
I guess I've pretty much come full circle on the Pokes. I was probably the last to jump on the bandwagon, but now I'm hooked. More than anything, I just think they're a tough match up for Tech with their balance. Nebraska set the blueprint for what needed to be done and fell a little short. But OSU > Nebraska – in pretty much ever facet of the game. OSU 38 Tech 35

Baylor (+28) @ Texas
Admittedly, this one gives me pause. Baylor doesn't exactly have a history of success in Austin and Texas will be looking to exact revenge and get back headed for a BCS bowl. But they also just finished a four game gauntlet and they're reeling from injuries. If it were someone other than Baylor, this might be a prime upset pick, but I'll settle for a Bears cover. Texas 35 Baylor 20

KSU @ Methzou (-27)
Truthfully, none of us know how K-State will react to losing their Prince. But we do know that they suck, regardless. And on Chase Day in Columbia, I can't imagine the Tigers letting them hang around too close. Expect Chase 2 to be carving up that Powercat defense throughout the fourth quarter. MU 56 KSU 14

Oklahoma (-27) @ Texas A&M
Oklahoma dropping half a hundred is about as sure a thing as we've seen in a while. The only question is can Jerrod Johnson get past a quarter hundo? Maybe, but I think Stoops might want to start amping up Sammie's Heisman campaign. OU 56 A&M 24

ISU (-9.5) @ Colorado
Toughest line of the week. On the one hand, ISU has proven completely incapable of competing in the Big XII ever since halftime of the Kansas game. But on the other, Colorado is averaging a meager 11 points/game in league play, yet they are giving 10. In the end, that's just too much for me to lay down. Colorado 23 ISU14

Kansas (+1.5) @ Nebraska
Given the tiny spread, this is pretty much just a pick 'em, and you know I have a tough time picking against my Jayhawks (once in the last 2 years) – often for good reason. Mangino has come close to breaking this streak on his last two visits to Lincoln (14-8 and 39-32 in OT) with much lesser teams than he has this time around. We don't know where Bo Pelini is going to take the Huskers, but as of now, it's tough to argue that Kansas won't take a hit when we losing Reesing. So really, if he doesn't get it done this year it could be awhile. It's a pretty easy game plan – protect your defense, convert when you have the chance and don't make stupid (and costly) mistakes. Execution will be tougher, but is plenty doable. When that's the case, I like our chances. Kansas 34 Nebraska 28

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