Monday, November 24, 2008

They make it so easy

Well, it's officially Methzou week. Doesn't quite have the same "how could I possibly be expected to get anything done this entire week?!?" feel to it as a year ago. But that's fine. They're still slave promoting insurgents that have never won anything of any significance or contributed positively to society. Ever. And we're still Kansas. So yea, it's pretty much Evil vs. Good. Worthless vs. Worthwhile. Hideous vs. Angelic. Tigers vs. Jayhawks.

In an attempt to add to the "what the hell goes on over there" stigma that the nation has slapped their state with, it seems Methzou will be showing me the gold this weekend. Yes, you read that right. According the resident bloggers over at Methzourah - a credible source if ever there was one – Chase will actually look like that come Saturday morning. And you thought clipping was stupid.

Speaking of stupid, it seems our purple neighbors from the destitute west have re-hired The Bill. I can understand why he wants to come back (it was always pretty obvious how he really felt about his family) after watching what Ron Prince was doing to the program he built. Unfortunately, for him and the university, he wasn't having much more success in his last few years. I'll give him all the credit in the world for what he did over there, but until I see someone succeed with these recruiting rules in place I won't believe that it can happen. Unless that happens (or they get them changed back and start firing that private jet back up) I won't believe that KSU can recruit elite talent. I guess we'll see though.

Since we've already gotten off topic, I might as well switch my attention to the Big XII south. I'm not quite stupid enough to think that Tech was exposed for what they really are on Saturday (though a ton of people in a Denver bar would disagree), but it does eliminate them from MNC discussion. Even a Big XII champion Tech cannot go to Miami. As I see it, there are really only a few reasonable possibilities…

OU loses, Tech & Texas win: Tech goes to Big XII championship. Regardless of outcome, Texas goes to MNC.

OU, Tech & Texas win: OU goes to Big XII championship. Win and they're in. Lose and Texas heads to Miami.

OU, Tech & Texas win: Texas goes to Big XII championship. Win and they're in. Lose and Big Game Bob makes his plans for South Beach.

Whether or not you think Oklahoma is better really seems irrelevant to me. But the voters are rarely very logical with these things. Not only does Texas have a better overall resume, but they actually beat the Sooners somewhat decisively (10 points) on a neutral field. In my humble opinion, there really is no rationalizing it any other way. Which probably means exactly the opposite will happen.

Keeping with the Big XII south, they played a part in taking me under .500 ATS for the season this week as I went 0-2 ATS and 1-1 TGS. For the year, I now stand at 33-10 TGS & 21-22 ATS. There's still time to salvage this mess, but it's safe to say that this is one of my worst year's ever.

And lastly, there's a basketball game tonight. I'd love to preview it, but I really don't know much about Washington. They've got several great players and have shown the ability to play with anyone in years past, yet somehow they always find a way to under-achieve. I may try and get something posted later today, but for the time being, check out Rock Chalk Talk and their Q&A with resident Husky blogger John Berkowitz of the UW Dawg Pound. And if you're in the area, try and make your way over to the Sprint Center the next two evenings. Given that the other three teams hail from 3 corners of the United States, we really should be able to foster a home environment for the young Jayhawks. And since they may need it, get off your ass go cheer for them. Rock Chalk!

Thought for the day: "Cockgobbler" is one of the finest words around. Use it in reference to a Tiger at least twice a day this week. Preferably in face-to-face fashion.


GingerBalls said...

I knew it wasn't Berkowitz!

Hiphopopotamus said...

Seinfeld's van! Seinfeld's van!

Robo Boogie said...

cockgobbler is one of my favorite michael bolton quotes almost as good as no talent ass clown. Both describe MU.