Friday, November 7, 2008


We have a few morning links for you today. The first of which comes from the WWL as Andy Katz put up a pretty good read about the transition from last year's national champion to this year's crop of newbies (he also has this piece of bullet points - the last of which makes little sense - and Dickie V says not to count us out). Amazing what a Championship will do for your perception. Secondly, here is a video taken by one of the skydivers that landed in Memorial Stadium for the Colorado game. Pretty cool. Real quick, if you have a second, give this silhouette trivia a try. And lastly, our friends at Corn Nation have posted both their Keys to the Game and the Q&A with GingerBalls and myself.

And lastly, as if you needed one more reason to get fired up for this weekend's game, have a look at Nate Swift's two point conversion that was the difference between Kansas winning in regulation and the game instead going into overtime. Thank god for replay review. Oh wait… This loss was the beginning of the end for 2006 - 4 straight losses with 2nd half (3 in 4th quarter) leads - that ultimately led to a 6-6 season and no bowl game. Then again, perhaps we shouldn't have blown that Toledo game either (37 points on 237 total yards and no second half first downs?!). We could be riding a 3 year bowl streak and poised to make it four. But, no I'm not bitter or anything.

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