Tuesday, August 5, 2008

J-Mort is a bad man

Q: Share with me what sort of improvement you've made in coach Dawson's Strength & Conditioning program since January.

A: I had surgery in the offseason on my knee, and I definitely just tried to come back full strength. I think I have. I've passed the run test. I got one of the fastest times. As far as the competition in the offseason's gone, it's been the best I've ever seen. We have this hunger in us knowing we're going to be one of the best teams in the nation. We're just competing as hard as hell."

Ripped that excitingly awesome quote from Jesse Newell's Kansas Football Media Day session via KUsports.

Nice to hear J-Mort is has healed well and is looking forward to more on-field murder this year.

The World Wide Leader has the 'Hawks at number #21 in their power rankings. Everyone has a right to their opinions, some of them are just wrong.

If you don't read Tim Griffin's blog on ESPN atleast a couple times a day, you sir, are not a true fan.(or have a life) Couple of nice little links here and here. The former offers nice insight into Crawford's transition to the Big 12. I would be shocked if he didn't see the same amount of carries as Sharp by the time South Florida rolls around.

Last but not least...someone had to do this, it might as well be me...


Hiphopopotamus said...

Let's not forget that the cover I received last year was similar in color and name and had the lovely mug of Mike Hart displayed just in time for their season opener against Appalachian State...

Anonymous said...

Fuck...thanks for the reminder Hiphop.

Joe Mortensen looks to be morphing into Jesse Ventura. That beard is pretty kick ass. Gotta hand it to him. I still hate him though.