Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mullet Wednesday

We abhore that we must push our pal, Pete down the page but congrats are in order to Hot Toddy, whose hot little toddy destroyed Tebow's voluptuous companion (If I'd had the chance, I still would have voted for his lady in the comments, but whatever). I'm sure these results may have something to do with the allegiances of many readers of this blog, but either way…hats off to Todd and his lassie. A job well done.

Because we find them hilarious and Orson has already staked his claim to moustaches (imitation is flattery), we will honorably declare today and every one just like it, Mullet Wednesday. Enjoy. We know we will.

Are you kidding me?

Next up, we have the semi-newly released bowl projections of your resident college football experts at the WWL, Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman. Yes, the very same Bruce Feldman that wrote Meat Market. So if you were considering writing off his opinion, well…let's just say you better rethink that, champ. Feldman has already made light of the fact that he doesn't even think Kansas should be ranked to start the year, so I was somewhat surprised he even let them slide into a bowl (Texas v. East Carolina). Thanks, Bruce. Schlabach, on the other hand, has the Jayhawks matched with Dick Rod's Michigan Wolverines in the Alamo Bowl (I like San Antonio!). Obviously I'm hopeful for a better result, but if the Alamo is the ultimate destination I will in no way be surprised or disappointed.

Only Feldman has KSU in a bowl (Independence), but that surely won't bother potential #1 draft pick, J-Free. Hell, J-Free doesn't even miss having Jordy around, let alone the rest of that poor excuse of a senior class. In all honesty, you can't fault the guy for trying not to dwell on Jordy and instead concentrating on the players they have this year. But try not to throw the entire class under the bus next time. Maybe they were shitty leaders. Maybe they were shitty players. But everyone seemed fine with them after the trip to Austin. Only after the humiliating slide to end the season were these worthless vagabonds not worthy to be Wildcats. An honor, indeed.

Now this is actually a pretty good idea.

Back to KU, J Brady McCullough and Tom Keegan wrote the exact same story today about Jocques Crawford and his goal to rush for 2,000 yards this year. Which, I guess is understandable considering the headline said goal provides. I can't say I fault young Jocques' optimism, but as long as he and Jake combine for 2,000 that will be plenty to sassify me, while remaining realistic.

I have been saving this link for a few days, (pretty much for no reason) but it's a mini-interview with Todd by the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Worth a glance if you haven't seen it yet.

Also, if you haven't been reading them, our pals over at Rock Chalk Talk have been unveiling their position previews. If you're into detail, check them out, because they are much more in depth than the ones we provided earlier.

Also mentioned in McCullough's earlier linked article, as well as a piece by Dugan Arnett is the continued kicking worries the team is facing this year. Per the Big Man, apparently had he been kicking from the get-go, Rojas would be the PK as well, "lock, stock and barrel." Hopefully that means he's been kicking extremely well. But it could also mean that Grady Fowler is even worse than we had imagined. Since Rojas is already set to kickoff, I would anticipate we'll see him on kickoffs and long attempts, while Fowler will be used for PATs and shorter tries. I really wish I didn't feel like place kicking was going to fuck this team this year.

Sticking with the KC Star for our final blurb, Blair Kerkhoff has a story about how Kansas and Methzou rose from the bowels of college football. Barking Carnival offers up their response to the article here.

From the time of this post, we are but a mere 75 hours from kickoff. You've got but one day until it's time to crack open a few cold ones and start rubbing down those ribs. And that, my friends, gets me even more excited than Houston Nutt.


annyong said...

This little nugget from the Star article on taking a pontoon boat down the Missourah river to the Arch Rivalry game...

Ryan initially planned to cap the group at 20. But as more boats became available, there was more room, and now 23 people are making the trip. Friends invited friends. In fact, there are some (gasp!) Kansas fans coming along.

“They’ll probably be the slave labor to fix the boats,” Ryan says with a laugh, “or be the rowers at the bottom of the boat like in the old days.”

What in the hell is wrong with these people? When we call them "slavers" what basis for objection can they possibly have? I would wish them ill will in their trek down the Missourah but know that our tax dollars are wasted to have the Coast Guard come bail their sorry slave-loving asses out.

Hiphopopotamus said...

I thought someone might bring that up. They never cease to amaze, do they?