Thursday, August 28, 2008

What would you say you do here?

In all honesty, what in the hell is Dugan Arnett doing over at the LJW? In this, the week preceding the 2008 football season, he has managed to churn out a grand total of three articles: One on the release of the depth chart, one on Rojas and the kicking job and today’s solid piece on Jonathon Wilson. Over those four days, the Journal World as a whole has released 14 articles, though at least half would be considered more of a snippet than an article. (This is not even to mention the lack of “beat worthy” reports he’s given. Hell, just yesterday I was given great info without even trying. We weren’t positive of it’s accuracy at the time, but we posted it anyway. We later learned that we may be off slightly, but not by much. How is all of this eluding the KU beat reporter for the only mass published newspaper in Lawrence?)

Meanwhile, the University Daily Kansan (and yes, I get it that they only have to cover KU sports while the LJW should be covering all of Lawrence and even national news) has published 15 articles – none of them blurbs – in those same four days. In fact, they had 8 articles today alone! I suppose as someone looking for readership from Kansas fans I shouldn’t complain too much, but this is getting ridiculous. A job well done, UDK.

/End of rant

Newspaper angst aside, I wasn’t able to sleep very well last night. Clay Travis would like to explain on my behalf.

From the NFL, Aqib Talib has continued to impress in the preseason, which is always good to hear, especially with Fine getting hurt.

In more national pub, The Sporting News has a good read on JoMo.

To send a little love the way of our pal Tim Griffin, here is a link to Kansas’ Five Pressing Questions. I completely agree with 1, 3 & 5. All are big questions that will need to be answered. #4 has some legitimacy, but it’s true for every school fielding a team this year. Whether or not the schedule is more difficult than last year is irrelevant – each team will still need to “handle” their schedule. And # 2 is just plain moronic. There are two quality starting running backs and a third waiting behind them. Yes, there may not be a bevy of personnel if there are persisting injuries, but that’s probably the case at every position on the field for every team in the country. Moving on…

Barking Carnival has a nice update on the Bobby Reid/Mike Gundy, ummm…situation. I said from the beginning that this whole thing was more embarrassing than the article itself and it appears young Bobby Reid is not backing off that assertion.

And finally, we have a couple links involving our pal, Pete Pelegrin. In following our Q&A, the Journal World did a Spodcasters edition with him and Rock Chalk Talk did their own 5 question interview.

Finally, we must leave you but not before apologizing that we will not be making picks this week. Since there are only a couple of games that should even be anywhere near close, we aren’t going to bother (We will have a short write-up and prediction for the KU game tomorrow). Yes, yes, that’s what spreads are for, but quite frankly with these Thursday night games we just don’t have the time. So root for Baylor (the only league team that has any business losing its Week 1 game) tonight as they go up against Jim Grobe’s Wake Forest Demon Deacons and know that you are now less than 50 hours away from kickoff.


Big Head said...

Is he accepting the 'Douche of the Year Award' from last year's winner, Jermele Hill? She is terrible.

Hiphopopotamus said...

I can't speak to that, but he sure as hell isn't working. Again today, not one thing from young Dugan.