Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Real Genius

I know what you are thinking...yet another post extolling the wonder and excitement I derive from watching awfully awesome Val Kilmer movies? Not quite.

Apparently Kansas State CC procured themselves a certified fucking genius QB coach out of where else, Elon Goddamn College of course. Science damn you!

Obviously, this raises some questions. How did we miss this golden opportunity to elevate Todd Reesing to the upper echelon of college quarterbacks? Where the shit is Elon College? Who the hell cares? Will Ron Prince make him run stairs with the other coaches?

I may or may not choose to answer my own questions, but the only thing you need to know is who bequeathed the label "genius" unto this Rudy-lookalike wunderkind....a former player under said "genius", Southern Conference freshman of the year Scott Riddle. I may not know this Riddle character, but he does have some kind things to say of his former coach. However, I do question his authority to proclaim Ruggiero a genius. (Maybe Prince should have done a package deal and lured Riddle to campus?)

But, let's let the man speak on, well, himself:

“I have a pretty confirmed idea of how to develop a quarterback,” Ruggiero said. “I’ve coached enough quarterbacks at different levels of the totem pole to be able to say, ‘What do we need to get a quarterback to the top?’

“My experience, more than anything else, has helped me get to the point right now where I feel with each (quarterback) I know what I have to do to get them to the top.”

All fine and dandy...except the new ladder he must climb to get his QB to the top is something he is none to familiar with:

Prince couldn’t stop thinking about Ruggiero, although he’d never coached above the Football Bowl Subdivision level (formerly Division I-AA).

*(Admittedly, the reason Prince couldn't stop thinking about him(OMG!) was because he sought out fresh meat to put bunny-ears on during photo-ops.)

Last but not least:

K-State coach Ron Prince said he was swamped* with inquiries from assistants hoping to advance their career with the opportunity to tutor Josh Freeman.

*Applicant List to "tutor" Soul-Glo: Michael Bishop, Elon's other paid coach, North Dakota State's waterboy, Fred Phelps, Prince's neighbor and a John Deere tractor once rumored to have been used by Brett Favre.

Who knows, the guy might be a QB coaching savant and miraculously turn Josh Freeman into something other than a guy who would have been a good tight end. Their offensive scheme still blows and he still has no one to throw the ball to. One thing is for sure, Ruggiero should have him ready to play that tough Montana State team out of his old stomping ground, the FCS.

“I couldn’t find anyone better than him,” -Ron Prince

More true words have never been uttered, Ron. Never.

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