Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mike Leach Loves Him Some Pirates...

As you all know, yesterday was fan appreciation day at Memorial Stadium. And I know I speak for all of when I say that we feel the appreciation every day, but it sure is nice to have it recognized every so often. Which is exactly why catching a glimpse of the last hour of practice is very much appreciated by us, the fans.

As was to be expected, no "breaking news" came out of this glimpse of the team. However, Jesse Newell did report that Mike Rivera did not participate (though was in uniform and with a knee brace) and he was replaced by true freshman Steven Johnson (6'2' 225) Pennsylvania. I am of the opinion that Gino was just throwing a little love to a fellow Pennsylvanian because he knew they public would be watching. However, if this isn't the case and Johnson has truly moved past Arist Wright and the slew of linebackers, then we may have a special talent on our hands here. My money is on the former.

Other than that, it looks like Bradley Dedeaux still has a hold on the first team TE spot. As we mentioned last week, we think the drop-off from Fine to a converted QB, Steward, would just be too much from a blocking perspective. Unless Steward is just too incredible of a playmaker to keep off the field (unlikely), we don't expect to see a ton of him early on until he learns his techniques, etc.

And lastly, apparently Sharp and Crawford were used in a two-back set. Consider me giddy.

Oh, and did I mention that I love Mike Leach. Below is an excerpt from his comments in regards to Usain Bolt and the rest of the Jamaican sprinters…
"I got to be honest, I've been thinking about recruiting Jamaica since I saw that stuff," Leach told hosts Andrew Siciliano and Krystal Fernandez. "I've been to Jamaica and let me tell you something ... here's the extent that I've thought about that subject, there's approximately 2.8 million people in Jamaica, which is approximately the size of the state of Iowa or Kansas, or the city of Houston. It's almost like the country of Jamaica is sitting there saying, 'If you would have just told us that this was important we could have won a lot of this stuff a long time ago.'"

Before we go, we should turn our attention to the hardwood. Well, not quite that far but to the players hoping to play on it this year. Yesterday, it was released that incoming freshman Markieff Morris faces a battery charge for hitting a 47 year old woman in the arm with a plastic BB, late Saturday night. Obviously he was drunk. Obviously it was stupid. And obviously I should be mad (if for no other reason than the press), but I just found this too funny to care. Chalk me up as immature (I am), but as long as the kid can play and he doesn't actually cause malicious harm to others, I could really care less.


Brett said...

So you could care less?

Matthew Barney Gumble said...

As long as he qualifies I could care less. Shit is funny, c'mon. I got hit with a bb once - I was six at the time, too, it's really not a huge deal. He just damn well better qualify.

That Leach quote is classic.

GingerBalls said...

Sounds like we could see a lot of Shotgun split slot formation with Sharp and Crawford getting playing time together. As you said....giddy!

As long as Warriner doesn't fall in love with it, like Quartaro did, and let the defense crowd the box more. Though I would expect plenty of motion, with Sharp being more of a slot receiver(though given Crawford's very good hands, maybe him too.) Imagine two RBs giving linebackers fits coming out of the backfield catching passes(ala WV, Florida) with speed and hands.

We had great playmakers last year, but with Warriner having another year coaching the spread with Hot Toddy...we should see even more inventive plays.

GingerBalls said...

For some reason I went stupid twice while typing his name....Warinner!