Friday, August 8, 2008

Q & A Time

Since we here at KJ-IBT are such enterprising and obviously skilled, journalists, we decided do conduct a few interviews. The first of which was with the new Kansas football beat writer, Mr. Dugan Arnett. [Ed. note: Clearly Dugan likes me a bit more than Gingerballs as he would not respond to Ginger's inquiries. Fortunately, I was a bit more blessed. As you will see, he took the questions very seriously, and for that, we thank him endlessly.]

Being a graduate of that University to the east, what brings you to the LJW?
"To work as a spy, mostly. That's pretty much the only reason."

How has it gone so far?
"It's gone really well. All the readers love me to death. They're all really respectful towards me and have wished me nothing but the best in my new position. I don't think I've gotten a negative comment since I started."

Who were you rooting for on April 7th?
"I only root for two teams: Any team that Brandon Jennings is playing for, and the Charlotte (Fla.) High School boys basketball team. Other than that, I have no allegiances."

Who is your favorite (and least) University of Kansas athlete of all-time? Why?
"Jim Ryun is easily my favorite, and probably always will be, because I was a runner in high school. I don't currently have a least favorite athlete, but if you check back with me in a couple months, that'll probably change."

What is your Win/Loss prediction for KU?
"I don't know if I should answer this question."

What player will surprise fans the most this year?
"I think it will be A.J. Steward. This is completely a gut-feeling, with no evidence to support it whatsoever. But I think he has a good chance to become the team's No. 1 tight end this year, and I think he has the body and skill set to do some amazing things from the position. The KU players also voted receiver Johnathan Wilson as the most likely to surprise people in 2008, so I'm going to throw him on there, too."

[Ed. note: I absolutely love both of these answers. One is out on a limb and one comes from his access, but both have enormous potential.]

Does Chase Daniel look more like a frog or a toad?
"I think he looks kind of like a bassett hound."

[Ed. note: For some better insight to the guy QBing the Methzouri Tigers, click here. Stupendous!]

Do you embrace the idea of blogs/electronic media becoming the major
source of sports information for the common fan, or do you side with
Buzz Bissinger?

"No offense to the fine leaders of this blog, but I'm with Buzz on this one. Although I think blogs can sometimes be a good supplement to daily newspaper and magazine coverage, there's something to be said for being in the press box, being in the locker room, talking to players and coaches on a regular basis. That's a perspective that, in my opinion, blogs can't give you."

And lastly, what are your favorite sports blogs?
"With the exception of this one, I hate every sports blog ever created, including mine."

As we mentioned above, thanks go out to Dugan for taking his valuable time to answer our silly questions. We wanted to give our reader(s) a little bit more insight into the character that is covering our favorite football team and with his help, I believe, we did just that. Be sure to check back later today for another Q&A with another newly minted contributor.


Robo Boogie said...

So first off kudos for scoring some time with the LJWorld new guy. Also makes me over look his alma mater short comings, seems like a good guy, look forward to reading him this season. However you did not ask him about the picture you feature so prominently. I want to know the story behind that and what roxette song inspired that pose. Interviews, posts with 55 comments, who knows maybe this "blog" is becoming something that Buzz Bissinger would be proud of. I like the A.J. Steward call I hope he (and newell) are right on that one.

Hiphopopotamus said...

You're right, I should have asked about the picture. I guess I just chalked it up to him being a bit of a douche and forgot.

Anonymous said...

Have to say that I would be paying people not to use that picture if I were him. But the interview was good and I appreciate the tips on surprise guys to watch. Keep it coming.