Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Days: Your Monday links for the first official game week of the 2008 season

The big news in Kansas' world today is the newly released depth chart. However, since there really aren't any surprises on the list (aside from not having a kicker 5 days before the season!) and we don't have time to discuss it right now, all you get are some links of interest.

The first of which comes from good pal Tim Griffin, as he ranks the schedule difficulty of all Big XII teams. Heading the top of the list are your very own Kansas Jayhawks.

To go along with that schedule, the Jayhawks are dealing with some pretty lofty expectations around Lawrence,or so says the KC Star. Personally, I don't think that's necessarily the case; I think that there's just a lot more interest and excitement than in year's past. Every fan base has its unrealistic, debatably moronic, fans and KU is no different, but my feeling is that the vast majority understand that 12-1 doesn't happen every year at the best football schools in the country and it sure as hell won't happen at Kansas. With that said, though, Mangino and company proved that it can happen. Mixing in a few years like that, along with keeping them in bowl games most (if not every) years should typically appease the fan base.

But despite creating that hope, Neill Woelk of the Boulder Daily Camera can't believe that Mangino is paid such a hefty salary. Furthermore, he goes on to make some predictions about the upcoming Big XII season. Below is what he had to say about our Jayhawks…
"Kansas fans will wonder where the magic has gone when Mangino's Marvels lose six games this year -- five more than last year. By November, order in Lawrence will be restored, which means KU fans will be looking forward to basketball season."
Amazingly, he may have been even more pessimistic about what's to come for Methzou.

Speaking of the Tigers, they are planning a very special surprise to aid Chase Daniel's Heisman campaign. Apparently was not getting it done so they are going to throw another $50,000 toward the objective. Says the director of media relations, Chad Moller,
“What we’re doing I think is going to be viewed as creative, but not over the top,” Moller said. “We wouldn’t want to do that."
We'll reserve our judgment until after the surprise is unveiled. But honestly, I can't blame them for bringing as much attention to this as possible. Old Booger probably deserved even more consideration than he got last year and for a program hoping to make itself into a national name, the best way to do that is to get it out there. Oregon may have a notoriously tacky and over-the-top feel to them (then again, that's how everyone views Phil Knight), but low and behold, they have become a household name. Whatever Methzou can do to ensure a similar renown is advisable.

Back to the good guys…J Brady McCullough thinks that "success could make KU's Mangino more attractive to other programs." And yes, that is the headline of the story. Other headlines considered for similar stories were:

"KU prefers winning to losing"
"Despite the addition of South Florida KU's Mangino still enjoy cupcakes"
"Expectations aside, Methzouri sure to soon disappoint"
And finally, "Sun planning to rise AND set tomorrow"

*EDIT* - Also, I'm not sure how we missed this, but on Friday, Tully Corcoran did a Q&A with Dr. Saturday (perhaps we should do the same). It is a pretty good read and you can find it here.

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