Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spreading Propaganda

Information came my way this afternoon concerning more injuries to the Jayhawk's linebackers. A credible source, I shall not name names...for the sake of the story we shall call him "Ned Isakov", informed me via text message that Arist Wright and James Holt might miss FIU. Arist will probably miss two, while suffering from fluid on his spine. While James (Steve) Holt! is banged up likely just to miss the one.

So, who fills the holes in the lineup without Rivera, Holt and Wright? Wish I had an answers rather than speculation...but what the hell is this blog for, if not being speculatory?Here is the depth charts two deep, based off this there are only 3 servicable LB's in the two deep. While we will most likely get to see Dakota Lewis starting it brings up some pretty interesting questions about who will play if Holt really isn't able to go. As you might recall we discussed that true freshman Steven Johnson was getting Rivera's first team reps during Fan Appreciation Day. Though, in Mangino's recent discussion of freshman that could forego red-shirting, Johnson was not mentioned. Has that changed, or do we burn it for a few games where Clay Aiken could man all 3 spots and KU would still come out on top? How much does the fat man see in him?

We haven't really discussed Drew Dudley(SO.) much at all this year, primarily because he hasn't popped up in practice banter. Wonder if he is still one of the guys that Mangino has been high on?

Other possible candidates are Jake Schermer(JR.) and that is pretty much it...outside of a bunch of other freshmen. I expect Schermer to play, hell, maybe even has a chance at starting...but not because of raw talent, just as a fill in. I might add that I wouldn't expect Springer(SO.) to jump to the outside, to avoid mixing him up, but who knows in this crazy, recently thin linebacker world we live in. Get healthy for USF boys, we need you.

Should make for an interesting Saturday


Hiphopopotamus said...

No matter who they have to stick in there, I just hope old Gino doesn't force guys to play hurt. The schedule is way too unforgiving later to be risking further injury on FIU.

Peter said...

I love this blog. A Flight of the Conchords theme and now an Arrested Development shout out. Well done. It'd be awesome if every time Holt got a sack, he'd get up and put his arms in the air while yelling "Steve Holt!"

alent@psi said...

From a very credible source and I shall not name names, Steven Johnson is in fact not a true freshman but was a walk-on from last year. I'll find out more when I can and post it here.

GingerBalls said...

Odd, Newell for KUSports and KUSports depth chart have him as a true fresh...not saying you aren't correct, just that I can't find info the other way. Please, tell us more.

Hiphopopotamus said...

Agreed. I've done no research, but I'm quite sure Steven Johnson was not on the team last year.