Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weakly Picks.....yes, that was spelled as I intended

Alright, I have been dreading making my picks this week because of my horrible job last week and also due to the fact that other than the KU-eaTme game there is nothing really very exciting. I am also just a little bit too jacked for this game today, I think there is a good possibility that I could just wear myself out thinking about this well before 6pm.

Kansas (-2.5) @ Texas A&M

Little man doesn't go back to Texas quietly...and on that note...Lee Corso can eat shit, seriously fuck that self-promoting, horrible coaching, pompous bastard. I honestly heard him make a comment that was like "look at Kansas's schedule, I think even I could win games playing against teams like that, hell I'd still be coaching." You would still be coaching if you knew anything about talent and also weren't a douchebag.

Any way... Fighting Manginos 28 Texas A&M 15

Nebraska @ Texas (-20.5)

I just plan on picking the rest of these with seemingly no rhyme or reason, but my plan here is go with all the favorites to win yet not cover. After last week I think we are starting to see this trend in the Big 12, KU and Missouri being the exceptions.

Nebraska 10 Texas 28

Baylor @ K-State (-25.5)

This is a tricky one, could be close to that line

Baylor 17 Kansas State 35

Iowa St. @ Missouri (-28.5)

Again could be close to that line, but I have to give this scientific theory a chance.

Iowa State 21 Missouri 48

Colorado @ Texas Tech (-13.5)

Buffs are going to struggle to keep this near the line.

Colorado 21 Texas Tech 28

For those of you not around Lawrence, it is pretty crazy/awesome to hear people all over Lawrence talking KU football that normally don't speak words of KU sports during this part of the year. While doing some blogging at Bistro Bella this morning it has been the talk of the coffee shop. Keep it up and whether you want the fair-weather on the bandwagon or not, they may be in it for the long haul.

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