Sunday, October 21, 2007

Recap of Picks


For the week: Against the Spread 4-2, Straight Up 5-1 - thanks a lot OU and Texas - really impressive!
For the Season (last 2 weeks): Against the Spread 10-2, Straight Up 10-2


For the week: Against the Spread 2-4, Straight Up 5-1
For the Season (last 2 weeks): Against the Spread 7-5, Straight Up 10-2

Obviously I can't bother to post without mentioning the Jayhawks' big win yesterday amongst the hippies in Boulder. This team is living off its confidence and balance - 2 things that can take a football team a long way. Since I have nothing to do with games, I have the benefit of being able to look ahead and in doing so...things have a chance to get special if they can win in front of the 12th man next week. Take that game, and the only thing between them and heading to Arrowhead at 11-0 is a roadie at Okie State. Lots of football left, but since they have already matched the high win total in the Sandwiches era, it's hard not to start playing out some 'what-if' scenarios. I'll be back later for the Post Mortem, and no I don't mean the death of Nebraska football.


Anonymous said...

you really couldn't have been farther off on the missouri/tech game

Hiphopopotamus said...

Even though I thought Missouri would win and cover, I did notice that GingerBalls may have been looking at it through "Jayhawk Eyes" - Tech can say they played badly and they probably did, but 10 points is 10 points and that's impressive.

GingerBalls said...

I will eat humble-pie on that Tech pick, though I did think they would show up better than they did. Take nothing away from MU though, they are a SOLID team and I agree that I probably just want them to lose...