Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Let's Get This Party Started

That's right boys and girls, I was tired of Patton having all the fun when it came to blogging about Kansas Football. So we have teamed up to provide the most biased, yet informed source for all that is 'Hawk Football.

While Ryan will give you a whole bunch of great stats and analysis, I will basically just steal thoughts and post links, but hopefully they are entertaining. So, what I am saying is that I am the Corso to his Herbstreit. (who knows, I may even procure some mascot heads to let you in on who I think will win the big game)

On to some news and links

Nebraska fans think they have so much class and that the rest of the big 12 is beneath them
-I agree, Missouri is beneath them as far as class and respectability. Missouri is a disgrace, but we all knew that, however we are about to hear a lot more of this crying from 'Sker fans. The best comparison to this situation I can make would be from the movie Trading Places. Nebraska is Louis Winthorpe III, once the master of it's domain to where it is now, shacking up with a hooker and getting shit on by it's old friends. So that means Mizzou would be Billy Ray Valentine and like most Missourians will later in life get addicted to blow, marry a crazy bitch who also does coke, have a bunch of kids, impregnate some other crazy lady and never be as funny again, but that is another story for another time. Back to Nebraska, the moral of this is that, when the rich stop getting richer and just get poor over night (about 4-5 years in football lore) they fall really hard and expect sympathy from old friends (whom they consistently beat and took for granted), but instead the friends just laugh at them, call them names and view them completely differently. Hard times are ahead for Nebraska Football, they are one coaching change away from being Iowa State.

Didn't Jason Whitlock just ask that we stop making the fat jokes? I mean come on KUSports, show a little love for our fat man, we know he loves cupcakes and we know what purpose those said cupcakes served. (I think he still has a few in storage underneath his chin)

KSU getting probed. And not like this fine Jayhawk is doing here. It only can get worse for the kitties. After all the crap they gave us for our violations, they are going to get theirs. What goes around comes around. this site is great, everydayshouldbesaturday...they posted that video, with some fun comments.

My God, i love talking rankings during football season, KU being involved makes it so much sweeter. We are one spot out on ESPN's Power 16, collegefootballnews has us at 15
There are many more, but i like those the best. My how far we have come from getting our asses handed to us by the likes of powerhouses such as Northwestern.

Gotta throw in a little bball love. Unverified but I love this idea. Bringing back the '88 jerseys, now how f*cking cool is that. Adidas is finally stepping up to the plate.

Goodnight all, I am sure we will blog before the Baylor game but how great would it be if we had a sellout for the number 20 team in the nation?

post some comments, make sure to tell me where you think KU will be ranked after a 52-10 (Todd Reesing-5 touchdowns) pounding of Baylor and give me your over/unders on the alcoholic beverages consumed by John Riggins on Saturday.

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