Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mangino: The Round Mound of Touchdown

I was just thinking about how f*cking annoying it was to hear "Party Like a Rock Star" by Shop Boyz every freaking time there was a break in the game during the KU-KSU game in Manhattan. I mean, do they really think that the are being cool and relevant by playing that song in the first place, but to play it literally 30 separate times. Dumb hicks

I thought i would do some picks for the upcoming weekend

Big 12
Kansas (-25) vs. Baylor

This is a big time spread for a big time college team. Simply enough, we put up points and Baylor gives up points, expect this to be a fast pace and over at half.
My pick: Kansas -25

Nebraska (-4) vs. Oklahoma State
I really think that NU will have a rebound game and I really got burned early in the year by OSU even though they are improving. This could be a really good game and very high scoring. My pick: Nebraska -4

Texas (-16) at Iowa State
Texas needs this game, but how bad do they need to win by 20? Pretty bad if you listen to some of the pressure and criticism of Mack and the gang. This is a bad ISU team.
My pick: Texas -16

Texas Tech (-8.5) vs. Texas A&M
Too close to call, at Texas Tech, I will give it to the home team even though Javorski Lane promised a victory.
My pick: Texas Tech -8.5

Kansas State (-5.5) vs. Colorado
I have to go with KSU here, mostly because I just want them to win for our chances at the North crown.
My pick: Kansas State -5.5

Game of the Week

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Missouri
I called a two touchdown victory for OU earlier in the season in this game and I am going to stay with that. As I said in my last blog, I am just waiting for Mizzou to pull a Mizzou. False hope is a bitch.
My pick: Oklahoma -10

My Best Stoops Impression (and a creepy shot of Bryce being "that guy")


mark said...

The favorite in each game? Vegas called: they've got a barcolounger in the sports book waiting for you.

GingerBalls said...

assuming that this comment comes from memert...sometimes i agree fully with the odds makers...and suck my balls