Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Little Texas' Heisman Talk Breakdown

I was curious as to the sort of stats our Great White Hope has been putting up this year as compared to the "big" guys from the "big" schools. Well...without further ado...

Tim Tebow, QB, Florida, Sophomore
2007 Season Stats:
Passing: 1,711 YDS | 17 TD
3 INT | 66.1 CMP%
Rushing: 578 YDS | 10 TD

Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College, Senior
2007 Season Stats:
Passing: 2,184 YDS | 17 TD
6 INT | 64 CMP%
Rushing: 27 YDS | 1 TD

Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky, Senior
2007 Season Stats:
Passing: 2,200 YDS | 26 TD
4 INT | 64.7 CMP%
Rushing: -123 YDS | 3 TD

Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon, Senior
2007 Season Stats:
Passing: 1,728 YDS | 16 TD
3 INT | 69.3 CMP%
Rushing: 416 YDS | 7 TD

Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii, Senior
2007 Season Stats:
Passing: 2,395 YDS | 20 TD
10 INT | 69.5 CMP%
Rushing: 38 YDS | 6 TD

Booger Eater, QB, Missery, Junior
2007 Season Stats:
Passing: 2283 YDS | 17 TD
7 INT | 69.2 CMP%
Rushing: 198 YDS | 3 TD

Todd "The Gunslinger" Reesing, QB, The Kansas University, Sophomore
2007 Season Stats:
Passing: 1805 | 17 TD
4 INT | 58. 6 CMP%
Rushing: 215 | 1 TD

Obviously the sophomores on this list, Tebow and Reesing, are doing pretty impressive things for being first year starters. Tebows numbers are very good, he does have a lot of talent around him, but take nothing away from him and his play-making. I will say that all of these guys are talented guys on good teams and the stats do show that. Some are products of the system more than others (I'm looking at you Colt and Chase.)

The stats do show how comparable all of these guys are. Trying to differentiate one of these guys to the next gets awfully hard when just looking at these stats. Todd keeps up with almost all of them in most categories other than completion percentage...which I will somewhat attribute to his receivers but is also a product of his playing style.

You really have to look at the affect the player has on the team. Most of these teams would maybe be a loss worse without their #1 signal caller. Whereas Missouri and especially Kansas would be in totally different territory without there #1's. Kansas would likely be two losses worse off without Reesing, I just don't see Kerry Meier going into hostile territory and having the balls to quarterback come from behind scores when the momentum has shifted strongly in the opponents favor. Daniel has that same "stay with me boys, we are scoring this drive" mentality when it comes to keeping his team in games, even with Gary Pinkel trying to screw them out of games.

I guess my point would be that if the Heisman voters looked at what the player meant to his team, then yes, Reesing would be at the top of many lists. However, if you are looking for the guy that looks the best in a uniform, playing for a 5 star team, putting up nice stats then Reesing is probably not your guy.

The next three weeks will go a long way towards bumping Reesing up that ladder, not to mention the whole season. If Reesing can average 275 through the air with 3 touchdowns and some huge, game winning drives to lead us to 10-0 after A&M, Nebraska and Okie State you cannot tell me he is not a top five Heisman candidate. There would be no one else in the entire nation that has meant more to his team and his record than our Sparky and he would have the stats and wins to show it. So if Kansas needs more proving to show if they are for real or not, then so does Reesing.

Something tells me this kid is up to the challenge.... and so are his Jayhawks

“It gets frustrating. You hear it time and time again,” Reesing said. “You put up better numbers, have a higher completion ratio, make more plays with your legs and everything. But they’re the better players simply because they’re taller.

“It gets old.”

“I’ll get to play against some coaches that didn’t give me a chance,” he said. “And I can prove them wrong.”

- Todd Reesing, before freshman year

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