Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kansas Kansas Kansas

I used to struggle a great deal trying to find as much as I could read about Kansas Football. This season has been like no other in terms of publicity, already it is just crazy compared to years past and may just get even better. Most years basketball season has already overtaken many of our thoughts and many of the ljworld and kusports daily articles. I check so many sites for just any shout-out or blurb concerning the hawks...thank you Fat Man for this season so far and all the talk of Kansas Football. Just read this Big 12 Mid-Season Report, it has to be unlike any other mid-anything report not involving Kansas Basketball I have seen...I am as happy as Britney Spears on a coke-filled, poon showing, K-Fed teabagging bender

How about the National Mid-Season Report...Aqib as first team defense also Marcus Herford as first team Kickoff Returner, not to mention McClinton as an honorable mention defender. Some love to the team as a whole, being ranked ahead of USC.

How impressive has our freshman Chris Harris been in helping build up our secondary? Great article here on the relationship he has with his mother and why he tries his ass off. His open-field tackling has been so impressive, I mean he is no Amadi twin....but who is? (in case you wondered, they both are playing for the Green Bay Blizzard of the AFL2, there are 2 AFL leagues?) With Kendrick Harper back in the fold and making plays we finally have secondary playmakers to go with Mr. Talib.

Some RUMORS of Callahan being ousted...again, RUMORS. I thought also-ran governor Osborne might take a little more time in shoring this program up, but the spoiled babies at Cornhole U might not have that luxury. Guess what up and coming program that borders them might like some of those de-commitments.

Rock Chalk, see some of you in the beautiful yet pompous city of Boulder...

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