Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Stay Classy, Missery

Ok First off I have no idea why the US House of Representatives is wasting their time on things like resolutions to congratulate the Kansas Orange Bowl Championship team on the most successful year in school history, though I think it probably has to do with a real lack of pressing issues at hand, I mean with no fear of recession, no fear of health care collapsing, and no costly wars to worry about I think we can all get lost in some hyperbole, but I digress. Anyway they did vote on just such a measure (House Resolution 948) and there were 396 yeas and 12 abstainers (voted with present). Who would abstain you might ask? Well 1 is understandable the representative for blacksburg, Va. decided it was in his best interest to not vote on this one and I think that makes sense, kind of. So who might the other 11 be you might ask? Well 9 were none other than the whole missouri delegation to the US House of Representatives. I guess I should be surprised but I guess in a way I am not. In fact maybe it makes it even sweater the level of resentment goes up this high. To the 396 of you representing this great country in a noble way I say rock chalk to you my friends and may you avoid all male bathroom propositioning scandals, all prostitution ring scandals, and all homosexual lover on the side scandals.

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