Thursday, March 27, 2008

Picture Time

I really don't have all that much for you today, but I saw a few pictures that were worth passing on, so here they are.

First, we have Darrell Arthur post dunk and apparently hitting his head on the backboard.

We also have a photo courtesy of the LJW's football beat writer Ryan Wood, who attended the open shoot-arounds and media sessions at Ford Field today. Amazingly, this is the view inside of Ford Field, not from the upper deck, but from the 100 level.

I hate the NCAA even more than I hate snow storms on March 27. I just want to go home and get cheesed out of my mind to watch these games. (Bonus point if you're privvy to that reference)


Peter said...

Not privy to the "cheesed" reference, but I am definitely getting whacked off tonight.

Robo Boogie said...

I guess you don't own any cats then...