Sunday, March 16, 2008

Digger Needs a Nap

I know this comes as a shock to most of you, but I think it's now safe to say that Digger is getting a little too old for this gig he has with the worldwide leader. I'm linking it, because AA has it embedded and apparently YouTube has already been forced to take it dow. Could ESPN be worried about Mr. Phelps' credibility?

In other news, Brandon Rush and Kansas have a chance to grab a number 1 seed with a win over their newfound (and legitimate) rival, the Texas Longhorns. Either way, we are indifferent as I imagine the committee has them each already slotted with the winner being the 1 seed in the midwest (Tennessee as the 2) and the loser being the 2 seed in the south (Memphis as the 1).

What will be extremely interesting to see is if Illinois (v. Wiscy) or Georgia (v. Arkansas) can steal a bid from the already crowded bubble.

Also, it should be noted that I don't consider them on the bubble and actually think it sets up PERFECTLY for them to be on the 8/9 line in UNC's region, but some purple people seem to be a bit anxious after their late season collapse and have become a bit hostile because of it. From Bring on the Cats, "Speaking of rough play, from the Wichita Eagle, we hear that KU took offense to Nebraska's chippy play. From where I sat (sixth row, behind the chickens' bench), boo-f******-hoo. When this team leaves Allen Fieldhouse and refs actually call its guards for slapping and grabbing and pushing, it loses one of its basic ingredients. I also find it amusing the article mentions the physical play by Nebraska, but doesn't mention Darrell Arthur's thuggish launching of Nebraska's 5'6" PG, Cookie Miller on a first-half loose ball. It's unfathomable that he wasn't called for a technical, let alone a personal foul, on that one." Ahhh - Kittie's got claws!

We'll check back in sometime this evening after the games have concluded and the brackets have been announced.

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