Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Your Wednesday Links

Congrats to Jake Sharp and Todd Reesing for earning co-KJ-IBT MVP honors for the Colorado game. We've had more votes in many of our polls, but we'd never had quite the dissent we had in this one with all six nominees receiving multiple votes. For a variety of reasons, I'm a very strong advocate of this and hopeful that it continues. That said, I voted for Hot Toddy.

**UPDATE** Land Thieves has posted our Q&A.

We have a few links of interest for you today. The first one is titled "If the AP Poll's top 5 Coaches Were on Entourage." Well done, sir. And is it just me, or is this season of Entourage MUCH better than last year?

Next, from our friends at Barking Carnival, Scipio Tex gives his thoughts on how Texas can beat Methzou. First off, it's great analysis. But among many highlights, this one stood out…
There’s a small internet meme I’d like to try to eviscerate that Chase Daniel will fold when the going gets tough and his competitive fire is quenched and replaced with sulky bitchiness when he meets a defense that can’t be immediately had. In short, that he is Graham Harrell. I’m not completely sure I buy it. And I say that with full awareness that I am defending a guy who has sported a line beard, a skull cap, and a faux hawk. That intensity of douche could clean out Shirley Hemphill’s vagina with an eye dropper. I admit this.
Countering Scipio, Henry James gives his prescription for what Methzouri needs to do to win. This also won't hurt their cause. But shit, if they can't win this and fall to 1-2 in the league, they could win out until Arrowhead while KU could go 2-3 and as long as KU wins November 29th, they would represent the north there a week later. Not that I want to get ahead of myself or anything.

Spending a lot of time on felines today, but Panjandrum has an entertaining piece up over at BOTC. Pretty funny stuff. Also very gratifying that KSU fans feel like their athletic programs are so beneath KU's that they are now pulling out the "cheaters" card. I won't refute it, because (to an extent) it happened. But to waste your time claiming that KU is winning because a few JUCO guys that never saw the field (obviously wouldn't be the case on their team) had a little help getting in reeks of stupidity and jealousy. Wouldn't have expected that out of them. Simply shocking!

How can this be? Neither USF nor Pitt are in the rankings and yet here sits Kansas just a week after he called out his fellow AP voters for doing the same.

And I know it's football season, but I came across this little piece on the Cavs last night and I had to pass it along. It's an Insider piece, so I've copied the relevant info for you…
5. Darnell Jackson's toughness
He's just a rookie, but after four years at Kansas, Jackson and James are almost the same age. He's also a former high school football star. All of it shows. Though respectful, he hasn't backed down once to the veterans even when Wallace started hitting him with elbows in practice to test him or he was required to put on diapers in the locker room as a hazing ritual.
Coach Mike Brown has raved about him day after day in practice and called him one of the best screen setters he's ever coached. He's an undersized power forward at 6-foot-8 and he likely won't see much playing time early on, but there is no questioning the impression he's leaving. Every year there is a second-round pick who surprises and the Cavs are hopeful they've found a blue-collar banger, which they backed up by giving Jackson a three-year contract.
If you don't respect the hell out of Darnell Jackson, you and I probably wouldn't get along.

On that note, in a tribute to his home state and this Saturday's opponent, we would like to wish you a very HAPPY MULLET WEDNESDAY! Yes, that's the Boz. And yes, Booger is extremely jealous, though he would clearly not understand the bandana in place of a skull cap. Here he is from another angle.


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