Monday, October 13, 2008

Big XII Week 2 RoundUp

Didn't I tell you shit was about to get a lot crazier. The gap between the top and bottom six has become even more pronounced, but the pecking order within those two splits is more jumbled than ever. I had a feeling my prognostication skills might take a hit this week, but I wasn't prepared for what came to fruition. For the week I was 2-4 TG style and 3-3 ATS. That very well could be my worst ever week picking Big XII games. On the season I'm now 8-4 TG and 7-5 ATS.

Before proceding, for those that don't know, KU's Homecoming game against Texas Tech has been announced as an 11:00 kickoff to be televised by either the WWL or the Deuce. Well, at least it won't be anything new. To the games we go (rankings in parentheses much like these).

(1)Texas 45 v. (2) Oklahoma 35
The RRS obviously lived up to the hype and though I wasn't able to watch it, I have a pretty good idea what happened. I wanted to trust my instincts and take Texas, but instead I dwelled on the past and trusted Stoops over Brown/Davis. And from the looks of things, I could not have been more wrong. Now, Kansas gets to take on a pissed off OU team. Awesome.

(3)Oklahoma State 28 @ (4) Methzou 23
Though this game got some pub, it definitely exceeded the hype it was given. Part of that could be attributed to my drinking for sixteen hours Saturday, but I'm pretty sure others were into it also. In a game where both offenses were expected to carve up the opposing defense, this one remained low scoring (by Big XII standards) and despite both going over 400 yards, plays were made on the defensive side of the ball. As good as he is, Chase has now been pressured in 3 games over the last 2 years. In them, Methzou is 0-3 and Chase has thrown 6 picks and lost a fumble. Cool under pressure he is not. Though he does look fantastic with his new hairdo and moustache.

Also, I've been one of the last people to believe in Oklahoma State. And truthfully, I'm still not their yet. Most of that should be attributed to stubbornness, because they played damn well. And really, now that I know Mike Gundy doesn't watch a defensive snap, I feel a lot better about them. That's a team full of athletes. It'll be interesting.

(5) Kansas 30 v. (9) Colorado 14
I know they're o-line is depleted. But Colorado is an under-achieving football team and it all starts with the quarterback. They've got some receivers. They've definitely got some running backs. And while it's no brick wall, their defense is plenty serviceable in this type of league. If they don't handle KSU easily next week, they can forget about bowl eligibility. Kansas, on the other hand, has a chance to do some things. The schedule gets MUCH tougher here on out, but they're steadily improving and technically control their own destiny. You can't ask for anything more.

(6) Texas Tech 37 v. (8) Nebraska 31
That was about as bad an interception as you'll see thrown, but the Huskers deserve a lot of credit for executing a very good game plan. Texas Tech did everything right (20-25 for 284 yards, 23 for 137 on the ground, 0 turnovers, only 2 punts) and still wasn't ever able to pull away. Why? Because Nebraska held onto the ball for over 40 minutes and until that awful pick in OT, never turned it over themselves. Nebraska knew their defense couldn't stop Tech (and they didn't), but they almost didn't have to in order to steal a win in Lubbock. You may be wondering how Tech can be # 7 in the country and # 6 in their conference. I'd point to the 471 yards and 31 points allowed to a team that barely looked like they could tie their shoes just a week ago.

(7) Baylor 38 v. (#11) ISU 10
Let's hope I'm right and ISU is just two completely different teams at home and on the road. If not, KU is about to have a rough second half of the year or Baylor is about to explode. I can't explain how strange it feels to have them slotted in the #7 position here, but who from the bottom six has been more impressive? Crazy as it seems, I don't think this is even debatable at this point. Things could change quickly though as their next trips are to Stillwater and Lincoln.

(9) KSU 44 v. (12) Texas A&M
I guess I shouldn't have underestimated Josh Freeman's ability to dominate an awful defense. After all, he's always been very adept at doing that. Competent defense are another story, but competent and Texas A&M have no business being in the same sentence. What I want to know is how do you amass 544 yards on offense, only turn it over once and still only score 30 points? The Ags are not winning again this season.

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