Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Mullet Wednesday

We have very little for you this afternoon other than a few links to pass along. We would first like to take the time to congratulate ourselves and thank you, our beloved reader(s), for joining us on our 300th post. To be honest, I didn't think we'd make it much past 15, so this seems like a victory. Anyway, onto the links...

Is it just me or is the Kansas City Star really putting their reputation on the line by letting their beat writers create their own vlogs? I have no factual proof that Mad Mike DeArmond is a drunk, but these are certainly perpetuating that assumption. His latest.

ESPN's always well informed experts, Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman, have released their latest bowl projections. The former sees KU in the Sun Bowl (v. Oregon); the latter in the Texas Bowl (v. ECU). I won't argue with them, because I have neither the time, energy or foundation on which to base my argument. But let it be known that I do think they're undervaluing the Hawks a schmidge (shocking, I know).

Similarly, after dropping the Hawks from his Power Rankings based on the oh-so-sound theory of he didn't want to rank Pitt, who beat USF who beat KU, Stewart Mandel now labels KU one of the 3 teams that could fall citing their being "shredded" by Arnaud and Grothe (conceded). Since when is 60% completion for 268 yards (104 of which came late in the 4th) "shredding?" And more to the point, I'm as concerned about KU's pass defense as anyone – in this age of offense, if you can't get pressure with four (and KU can't) you better have some damn good DBs – but what kind of logic is this? I realize KU got very little respect last year, but where was this outcry when in consecutive weeks they allowed: 310 (KSU), 287 (CU), 244 (A&M), 354 (NU), & 276 (OSU) in passing yardage alone. There are plenty of concerns with this team, pass defense one of them, but if you want to cite a reason they'll fall don't utilize the 268 yards they allowed on 45 attempts. Just a thought, Stew.

And in honor of Stew's illogical line of thinking as well as his lack of respect for Kansas football, we wish you all a HAPPY MULLET WEDNESDAY!!
You come at the king, you best not miss. Looks like she's learning her lesson. Perhaps a similar fate awaits Stewie, Markie and Brucie.

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