Friday, October 24, 2008

When you say nothing at all...

Taken from College Gameday Kickoff on the four letter networks website:

4. Hypothetically speaking, how would you see a matchup of a top SEC defense versus a highly rated Big 12 offense playing out?

Davie: The Big 12 offense and the SEC defense are way ahead when compared with those of other conferences. It would be a great interconference weekend if these two conferences were to play each other, because I would love to see an SEC defense matched up against a Big 12 offense. Several top defenses exist in the SEC. Alabama and Florida are really good, and South Carolina, although it might be under the radar nationally, has a very good defense. And in the Big 12, you can say the same thing about a number of teams on offense.

Sometimes you read something once and it might make some sense, but it leaves you with a sour taste and you don't know why. So you have to go back and re-read it just to make sure you got absolutely everything out of it and then it dawns on you...that person just typed two paragraphs while failing to answer the question or providing any insight you could have acquired by just Googleing Big 12 offense or SEC defense and just reading the two line preview. Take a stand you twit. Why do people get paid for this drivel? Not that I really care who Bob (35 and 25 @ Notre Fucking Dame!) Davie thinks would win in an epic Big 12 Offense vs. SEC defense battle, but my heartiest fuck you goes out to you Bob for getting paid for this. Ty Willingham might provide more of an insight than you or have kept the 2000 Fiesta Bowl closer than a 5 score game, bitch.
****(bashes self in head with Lee Corso's head-in-a-jar)

rant over

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