Monday, December 24, 2007

Bowl Predictions

Poinsettia: Utah over Navy - The Midshipmen already had their bowl in South Bend

New Orleans: Florida Atlantic over Memphis -Gotta go with The Schnellenberger Cincinnati over Southern Miss - Brian Kelly needs a big time job

New Mexico: New Mexico over Nevada - Home game

Las Vegas: BYU over UCLA - No coach

Hawaii: Boise State over East Carolina - Could ECU have to travel further?

Motor City: Central Michigan over Purdue - Home game, revenge game, and they actually want to be there

Holiday : Texas over Arizona State - Assuming Texas plays the right linebackers and they generate a pass rush

Champs Sports: Boston College over Michigan State - Sure they got screwed but they always win bowl games. And MSU is perpetually overrated.

Texas: TCU over Houston - No more Art Briles

Emerald: Oregon State over Maryland - Another late season surge for the Beavers

Meineke Car Care: Wake Forest over UCONN - Just not sold on the Huskies

Liberty: Mississippi State over Central Florida - Kevin Smith may go off, but Sly Croom seems to have a little sumthin cookin

Alamo: Penn State over Texas A&M - A&M has no coach, albeit Fran. And Joe Paterno is technically alive.

Independence: Colorado over Alabama - Bama will have more fans, but the Buffalo players want to be here.

Armed Forces: California over Air Force - My instincts say Air Force, but the talent disparity is too much.

Humanitarian: Fresno State over Georgia Tech - Can't see the coachless team from Hotlanta being too pumped to play on the blue turf of Boise.

Sun: South Florida over Oregon: Both of these teams were #2 this year. And one of them still has their quarterback.

Music City: Kentucky over Florida State - I had the ' know, until half the team decided they didn't want to go.

Insight: Oklahoma State over Indiana - Could be Adarius' pre-combine spectacle.

Peach: Auburn over Clemson - No way I can take Bowden over Tuberville

Outback: Wisconsin over Tennessee - Just a hunch that PJ Hill is going to have a good one

Cotton: Methzouri over Arkansas - The Hogs are going in Nuttless. On second thought, maybe that's for the better this time.

Gator: Texas Tech over Virginia - Quick - Who is the best passing team in the ACC? Here's to thinking Tech is better at it.

Capital One: Florida over Michigan - I actually had some trouble with this one. Tebow and Percy will dominate the Wolverines. But last I checked, the Florida defense left a little to be desired. All Michigan coaches are auditioning now though...

Rose: USC over Illinois - Just being here is a win for the Zooker

Sugar: Georgia over Hawaii - Knowshon Moreno

Fiesta: Oklahoma over West Virginia - May not even be close

Orange: Kansas over Virginia Tech - Hot Toddy! Hot Toddy!

International: Rutgers over Ball State - Maybe if Ball State were playing Nebraska I could go the other way...

GMAC: Tulsa over Bowling Green - Why not - they've got a good offense.

BCS Championship: Louisiana State University 17 over A Ohio State University 16 - And for some reason I'm not even convinced

Bold = Actual Winner
Italic = My selection

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Anonymous said...

No Christmas bowls? Dumb. They used to have some on Eve (Las Vegas Bowl??) and Christmas Day (Hula/Hawaii Bowl, some other bowl).

Nothing from 24th-26th.