Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Heisman Post

As promised, here are the Heisman results as voted on by 13 blog artists and compiled by Mizzourah (Post can be seen here).

1. Darren McFadden - 57 points (6)
2. Tim Tebow - 53 points (5)
3. Chase Daniel - 38 points (2)
4. Colt Brennan - 22 points
5. Dennis Dixon - 12 points (1)
t6. Todd Reesing - 7 points
t6. Sam Bradford - 7 points
t8. Kevin Smith - 6 points
t8. Pat White - 6 points
10. Glenn Dorsey - 2 points

**Votes were cast for 1st(5 points) through 5th (1 point) place. First place votes are in parentheses.

As you may or may not remember, this differs from my ballot, although not greatly. My top three were the same, but I voted Pat White and Todd Ressing as 4/5 in place of Brennan and Dixon.

If you don't feel like scrolling down the page or clicking the link on the right, you can see how and why I voted the way I did here.

All in all, I think it's a pretty solid vote and I wouldn't be surprised to see actual results turn out somewhat similarly. I will be shocked beyond belief if Brennan wins it, but he's definitely on his way to the mainland. Though I had White at #4, I have no problem with anyone not including him as I'm not entirely convinced I should have either. What pushed me over the top was his 4 game streak of rushing for 147+ yards in leading his team to within a score of playing for the national championship. Unfortunately, for him, he discloated his thumb and that was that. And I absolutely do not believe he should win, but I thought that stretch merited an invite.

The two biggest contentions I would have are Dennis Dixon and Glenn Dorsey. I think both are cop-out votes, especially the first place nod for Dixon. Both obviously proved their value as they were spectacular when healthy and once they were injured, their respective units faltered. However, injuries are obviously part of the game and crass as it may sound, that disqualifies them.

Dixon - 68% completion for 2136 yards, 20 TD and 4 interceptions. He also ran for 586 (5.7 per) yards and 9 TD. Considering those stats only represent 9+ games, that's not too shabby. I agree that had he not gotten injured and Oregon was preparing to play Ohio State for the NC, he would be the odds on favorite. But seeing as how none of that actually happened, I just can't understand how you vote for him, especially over Tebow? The biggest knock on Tebow is that he didn't lead his team to national title contention. Well, neither did Dixon. It's not his fault necessarily, but his team is still 8-4 and heading to the Brut Sun Bowl.

Dorsey - If you want to tell me that he is the best defensive player in the country, that he will be a force for years to come in the NFL and was a victim of a cheap block, the floor is yours. But the Heisman winner? (note: obviously no one voted him #1, but he either received 2 fourth place votes or 1 fifth). The incredible defense that he anchors: gave up 20 ppg, allowed 43 and 50 in losses to Kentucky and Arkansas respectively, and were obliterated for over 200 yards by McFadden alone. Hurt or not, that is not Heisman caliber.


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