Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm not sure if KSU will find a way to win this game (right now they're down 28-14 just over halfway through the 3rd quarter), but as it stands now I think I'm going to have to seriously reconsider my upset pick of having them take down Tech. If it weren't for a great punt return (more terrible attempts at tackling, this time by Louisville) by Deon Murphy, they would be being run off the field by a team that couldn't even score on Kentucky (safeties on intentional grounding penalties don't count).

J-Free looks like his old self with a fumble and two picks. And that is to say nothing of his shaved head, which I had yet to see, which makes him look a whole lot like his coach. Coach Prince that is (not to mention Donald Faison).

They're making the Kansas running game look competent (right now they have 23 yards).

And they just might be the worst tackling team in all of football (certainly the worst I've seen so far).

[UPDATE] KSU continued with their pathetic display, losing 38-29. But the real embarrassment comes in the rushing department: 340 for Louisville to just 30 for the Wildcats. Ouch. Be prepared (if WVA and/or UCONN win) to hear how the Big East dominated the Big XII. Never mind that Kansas is the only top half team in the Big XII that played, while the top 4 Big East teams (USF, WVA, UCONN, UL) were their participants.

And in honor of the Wildcats embarrassing themselves, we have this strapping lad who would like to wish you a very HAPPY MULLET WEDNESDAY!

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