Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And you thought we forgot

If Aqib says they'll be ready, I think they'll be ready. What the hell else is going to say, you ask? I know, but I like it anyway.

I thought this thing was pretty cool, so I decided to check out how our pal Tom Keegan voted. And more importantly, I wanted to see how he voted in comparison to others. Arizona State at #8 seems a little ludicrous, but then again, 61 AP voters agree with me, so maybe Thomas is onto something.

Courtesy of the same site, here is a side by side comparison of KU and USF. From the looks of it, 54 voters have KU rated higher, while 11 favor the Bulls. One of them, Glenn Guilbeau of the Gannett Louisiana News Service has USF ranked #7. The other humorous ballot is from Jon Wilner (San Jose Mercury News), by far the most extreme poll of the lot. KU comes in at #24 by his standards, while after narrowly edging UCF, South Florida has earned his #11 slot. Also, check out #1. I've already spent way too much time here, but here's Herbie's poll, if you're curious.

Apparently, the injured Bulls have all returned to practice. I'm not sure if all of them are going to play, but it appears that all could, at least in some capacity, whereas we've heard the exact opposite on Dexton Fields (and presumably Kendrick Harper and Caleb Blakesley). However, starting RG Zach Hermann, who has started all 15 games of his USF career broke his foot on Monday and had surgery today.

Luckily, it looks like there isn't much possibility of the storm canceling this game. Texas and Arkansas won't be so fortunate. Though Arkansas might not mind having the extra two weeks to prepare, I can't imagine Texas is all that thrilled about not only losing their pre-Big XII bye week, but also giving Bobby Petrino that much more time to figure out how to make Arkansas not awful.

And, of course, even the girls of the SEC are bashing the Big Ten now. And with that, we'll leave you. But not before wishing you a very HAPPY MULLET WEDNESDAY!

p.s. And all of a sudden I'm not that upset about not leaving for Tampa today.

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