Friday, May 30, 2008

FANtastic Friday

I figured we should be more like EDSBS and have a weekly picture post to fulfill our post quota and to hopefully provide some humor during another Royals losing streak. Since I will never be clever enough to come up with something like Mustache Wednesdays, you will have to take what you get with our random fan photos...bitches.

A couple of my favorites for the inaugural FANtastic friday picture post. What about hot chicks and fat Oklahoma fans you ask? They will come, perhaps in the Year 2000.

Nobody probably cares, but the Royals sent Billy Butler down to AAA and brought up SS Mike Aviles who apparently should help score runs...yeah and Jessica Alba is an A-lister because of her acting abilities. But what the hell, gotta try something. He should spell Tony Pena and maybe, just maybe, hit better than .160.

Another interesting tidbit concerning the Royals is a little blog post by the Joe Posnanski, detailing exactly how little all-star talent the hapless boys in blue have. Pretty accurate and very disheartening when you actually step back and realize what it all means. Football season can not come fast enough.

And lastly, a look at how valuable the, well, most-valuable sports blogs are. KJ-IBT comes in at number 9301 with a value just ahead of Hello Kitty Sporting News and just behind the Mormon Tabernacle Fishing Hole Blog, talk about disheartening. Our little slice of interweb heaven is listed as being worth $111, throw in a picture of Bea Arthur naked and you got yourself a deal.

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