Monday, May 5, 2008

Tasteless is my middle name

While this may not be in good taste, nevertheless it had to be done.  As Hiphopotamus pointed out to me some clever bastards have had a little fun with Montana's Meth Project ad campaign posters the expense of some notorious football schools.  We here at KJ-IBT think of ourselves as equal opportunity bashers(even if Missouri gets the brunt), so I figured let's get ol' Methzou involved for good measure.

(only one I saw that hadn't been edited yet, so what the hell)
Oh, and just for shits and giggles...type Methzou in Google and guess which blog pops up in 2nd and 3rd rank... Air Five bitches!  *sidenote- 4th link down is the hilarious MU one shining moment

Here is a little tidbit from Mr. Katz via ESPNinsider, luckily I scoff at ESPN thinking I won't cut/paste their premium content:

In discussing potential lottery picks with decision makers in the NBA, one thing is starting to become clearer: Fence sitters like West Virginia junior Joe Alexander, Syracuse freshman Donte Greene, NC State freshman J.J. Hickson and UCLA sophomore Russell Westbrook are highly thought of at this point, three weeks before the Orlando draft camp (May 27-30). That means that they'll all have tough decisions to make since they could be potential lottery picks.

That's why all four will likely take their decision down to the June 16 withdrawal date. Workouts and interviews will be a key for all these players if they're going to convince teams to take them in the lottery.

A few other players are receiving positive feedback, like Kansas junior Mario Chalmers, Arizona sophomore Chase Budinger, Cal sophomore Ryan Anderson and North Carolina sophomore Ty Lawson. All four have said they won't sign with an agent to retain their
amateur status.

So...that didn't really tell us anything except he has heard positive feedback, 5 fucking bucks a month for this folks.

Breaking news:  K-State made up a Mitch Richmond Mr. Basketball Award to keep the Purple Popcorn Eater happy.  I agree Mitch was a hell of a player and deserves recognition, but if I was him and they just gave the award bearing my name to Peepants, I would become incommunacado with my former university.  
As someone on pointed out, where is the Pervis Pasco Irrational Exuberance Award?

Arizona will not renew Assistant Miles Simon's contract, could be due to the fact that Simon was reportedly sexing up the former Mrs. Olsen(shown right).  Seriously?  What the hell, isn't Miles like 31 or something, I wouldn't fuck her with Robo Boogie's dick.

I don't know if everyone will find this as interesting as I do, but the guys who wrote one of my favorite books(I have only read like 3 it's an easy feat) Freakonomics have an article on sports data posted in the NY Times.  Pretty interesting read, as they point out it might not yield the same results in basketball as baseball, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more teams in an array of sports try it(I am looking at you Bill Self, I can extrapolate with the best of 'em!).

Found this picture of Joey Dorsey predicting his teams inevitable choke during the championship game and thought it was too classic not to post.
Let this statline sink in one more time bro.

Alright, back to my nightly practice of "waiting" for Miley Cyrus to turn 18...


Hiphopopotamus said...

26 > 15...think about it.

Hiphopopotamus said...

So I just found this little nugget from Shorts-on-backwards...


Robo Boogie said...
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Robo Boogie said...

In the words of wooderson: That's what ginger loves about these high school girls, man. he gets older, they stay the same age.